Nympheas Dolls

Dec 9, 2012

    1. Thank you so much to adopt Brioche :D i will prepare him soon <3
    2. Tracking is showing that I should get my Brioche tomorrow, what a great Halloween gift!

      Here he is!! He'll have to take his turn as a girl occasionally, but his name is Alfie.
      [​IMG]Alfie by Nadine, on Flickr
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    3. OOOOOOOH i LOVE HIM sorry HER !!!!!

      thank you so much <3
    4. He's great! Like getting four new dolls at once, and he poses wonderfully.

      I've been having such a lot of fun with my kitty, so glad I got him!
      [​IMG]Managing the staff by Nadine, on Flickr
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    5. WOW so funny and classy too
      thank you so much <3
    6. Christmas Edition Joy is ready to go off adventuring with an elf, a teddy reindeer, and a friendly fox!

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    7. Great !!!

      have a good expedition <3
    8. Does anyone have any idea how to restring a Fanny? I took mine apart a long time ago with the intent to body blush her but I forgot how to put her back together. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. :aheartbea
    9. Oh dear i will try to explain !
      you have 4 string, one from tail to head, one for right to left front leg, one for right from left back leg !!

      tell me if you have questions
    10. Hey, does anyone have any Squirrels they can post photos of? I just ordered one and I am trying to figure out what kind of clothes and shoes to get :)
    11. Thank you, I just joined the FB group, and the first photo was of a Squirrel!
    12. I just received my Mialypso and she is super-adorable :3

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    13. Congratulations, @SugarFirefly! I have Mialypso, too, and totally agree - she's a super adorable cat, indeed! I got mine with the factory face-up, but haven't had enough time to take pics of her yet. Hope to do so soon.

    14. She is very patient and kind and understanding. I actually have a tan kalahari named kintsugi and she was easy to work with especially when it came to getting a custom face for her. Now shes working with me to get a custom skin mushika .

      I think so too.

      Yeah once you start you might not be able to stop. I just got my tan kalahari with custom faceup not too long ago and now Im getting a mushika because i loved her so much .I have been eyeballing a few of her dolls ,These were 2 of them. Pretty much I was cyber stalking them debating on whether to buy. Im so glad i finally just went and grabbed the last kalahari but mad i let the last squirrel and mushika get grabbed up before I could. But thats ok because even better im getting a custom skin mushika. I think at this point i may even make my next one a squirel. I guess well see lol.

      I love my tan kalahari .

      Who knows I actually really like the eyes that were sent with my kalahari. Ill still buy some because i have a vision for her and I have a few things i need to make or add for her too . Before shes completed. I actually added her on here and i have pictures on instagram of her. But shes not done and is wearing a temporary wig and dress. Ill have to figure out how to add a picture to this thread . im still new to posting on here and threads.

      me too!

      Super cute ✌ I love the wig on her .Great choice.

      She is cute. I like the faceup too. Clothes im not sure about. I have a kalahari and blythe dresses fit her but i dont know how or what ill do about this bootylicious babe cuz she's got a bum bum. Im sure azone might fit mine as well but maybe monster high or something more slender may fit yours. Im not really sure though because I dont know how big she is ill have to look.

      Oh wow super cute picture
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    15. There are two threads for Nympheas Dolls so I wasn't sure where to post. This looks like the original thread, so here I am.:)

      I ordered Pin-Up Squirrel (open eye) last night in real tan with large bust/short torso. I saw her photos on the website and it was love at first sight! So cute! Now I have to plan a look for her, beginning with her face-up. At least I have a few months to think about what I want to do.

      Has anyone else ordered a Pin-up? Or plan to?
    16. Yeah actually I was the first. She let me do a custom mushika order and was suppose to add it to the mini squirrel orders but then next thing you know she just opened up the pin ups. So thats cool , I think its nice shes made them all avaible with which ever body , color or even extra face plates you could want. I already own the natural tan kalahari ,so this time I ordered a fair mushika . I think youll love the skin color and the body option was probably the best choice since her head is slightly larger then the other 2 heads .All the other colors are lovely but I have some plans in mind for my girl but wasnt sure about the cream. This is actually the first time shes released the fair skin . I hope you love your doll . I loved my kalahari so much that she was the reason I asked about mushika and I think why she opened this sale .

      The real tan kind of reminds me of a lighter version of coffee icecream . if you know what coffee icecream looks like.

      Oh yeah, i havent added many doll profiles yet but I have one of my Kalahari/Kintsugi doll up. Although she look carmel or darker in the pictures most of thats lighting or the extreme freckles she has making her skin look darker.
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    17. @Miss Hokusai - Congrats on ordering Mushika. I considered getting her, but in the end it was Squirrel hopping up and down saying "Pick me! Pick me!" that swayed me. If you're talking about real coffee ice cream and not a resin color called coffee ice cream, I have some in the freezer and like how it looks, so I should be very happy with the real tan.:)

      I haven't added any doll profiles. Too many dolls...I can't decide which ones to post. I'll look for your Kalahari photo.

      Did you know you can combine your three comments? Just open one, click Edit, then copy and paste the other two into it.

    18. Im still getting the hang of den of angels .Thanks for the information, im actually still struggling to add pictures in threads like this. But to be honest it might be because im on a mobile I think. Yes, I mean like the icecream. Its like a pale version of that or at least in my opinion. I like it and thank you!
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    19. Late to the party, but joyous nonetheless...'Tit Fleur.

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