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Nympheas Dolls

Dec 9, 2012

    1. @Miss Hokusai - Congrats on ordering Mushika. I considered getting her, but in the end it was Squirrel hopping up and down saying "Pick me! Pick me!" that swayed me. If you're talking about real coffee ice cream and not a resin color called coffee ice cream, I have some in the freezer and like how it looks, so I should be very happy with the real tan.:)

      I haven't added any doll profiles. Too many dolls...I can't decide which ones to post. I'll look for your Kalahari photo.

      Did you know you can combine your three comments? Just open one, click Edit, then copy and paste the other two into it.

    2. Im still getting the hang of den of angels .Thanks for the information, im actually still struggling to add pictures in threads like this. But to be honest it might be because im on a mobile I think. Yes, I mean like the icecream. Its like a pale version of that or at least in my opinion. I like it and thank you!
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