Nympheas Dolls

Dec 9, 2012

    1. And here with a little friend...alas, they have no clothes! but seem happy anyway.

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    2. I am working on a lay away for a Squirrel Dreaming, in Real Tan I think. About half way through now!
      I wanted Squirrel from the first release of her, but I don't really collect girls, just boys. So I thought hard about her, and missed the first preorder. So glad I got this chance to get her again! I regretted missing out on her, and always liked seeing the pictures of her, and the special release of one offs. Knew I had to have her the next opportunity. =)
    3. Shipping notice! :sumomo: My open eye real tan Squirrel is on her way and I have absolutely nothing put aside for her to wear. I'll have to play it by ear when she gets here. Hopefully some of my Iple BID stuff will fit her.
    4. Congratulations!
      Just made my last payment for mine! Hopefully not long now!
      No idea what she'll wear...
    5. Congrats to you, too, @aernath! If you're not waiting for a face-up I'd imagine she'll be on her way in the next few days. My package left France today.
      I think I'm more worried about shoes than clothes. I can always crochet something to fit. Shoes, on the other hand, are a different story. I already have two small girls sharing boots that don't really fit either of them. With my luck Squirrel will be the Cinderella who's a perfect fit.
    6. I think I did spring for a factory faceup, so a little bit longer then. =)

      Shoes, that magical, difficult thing...mine will likely go barefoot for quite a while.
    7. My girl seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to travel. She left France on Saturday afternoon; there has been no update since and here it is Wednesday already. Should I worry yet?

      I guess not. :lol: Her plane landed late last night, she cleared customs and 4 minutes later was at the distribution center near the airport. Delivery is estimated for tomorrow. :celebrate
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    8. Hahaha! Congratulations!
      I think mine just tried to be delivered today. Something tried to be delivered from France (got a slip), and I thought it was for my husband. But he didn't buy anything from France. Theeeeeen, I remembered Squirrel Dreaming! YAY! So, hopefully tomorrow I can get from work to the post office in time before they close.
    9. Squirrel is out for delivery! Unfortunately, I won't be doing her faceup anytime soon. That killer heat wave is headed our way and already it's so humid I'm dripping wet just sitting still. Ugh.

      Hope you can ransom your Squirrel Dreaming today, @aernath. When I was still working I would occasionally ask to leave the office early, just to make sure I could get home before the PO closed. The things we do for dolls, right?

      Squirrel arrived a few hours ago. The Real Tan is a lovely color, paler than expected but that's okay with me. I wish I could paint her but I'll have to wait for cooler, drier temps. As it is I'm sticking to everything. After over an hour of trying on clothing, I finally have her in a LittleFee size outfit (actually from Bambicrony). All my YoSD size shoes are a little big but most fit with socks. I also had trouble finding a wig that fits. The best fit had long heavy hair that didn't really work. I could cut it, I suppose; I just don't know if I want to in case another doll needs it. I think instead of 6-7 she needs a size 6. She's wearing a 6-7 temporarily with a silicone wig cap.
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    10. Oooh! All good information, thanks!
      I did get her yesterday after work. We had our monthly get-off-work-30minutes-early day, so it worked out perfectly.
      Man, I about had a heart attack though when they brought me her box! It was absolutely crushed!! I made sure to open it there, and thankfully all little perfect fingers were still intact. Whew!
      I'm trying to get Flickr to upload a picture, any picture I have taken of her, but no luck. I suspect the photos are too big? Used to be easy to just send pix from my phone right to Flickr, but lately it's more like pulling teeth! Aargh!
      I did get the factory faceup, and it's fine, except for the eyelashes. They're clunky and going to go. Or at least trimmed. Or fail-trimmed and then tossed. lol
      I like how well she poses!
      She's going to have to be naked while I find or make her some clothes.
    11. Congrats @aernath! Funny thing about the box--mine was crushed, too. And I'm still wondering why the inside of her bag had lots of loose star-shaped sequins. I was having trouble posing her and found one of the stars peeking out from between two joints! Also wondering about the little white ghost thingy. Did you get one? It wobbles like jelly, looks like it might be edible but doesn't appear to be. I've found candy in one or two Korean boxes so I taste-tested it. Not candy. What is it? I didn't take a photo or I would show it here.

      Here's my girl, nameless until I get her painted. She came with eyes but I'm waiting until she's painted to put them in. Her 6-7 wig kept falling off even with a wig cap so I tried some 5-6. It looks like this will be the size to go with. She's wearing the Bambicrony dress for now. I'll make something when this relentless heat and humidity go away.
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    12. I really wish I could get Flickr to behave! Can't share photos until it does.
      So nice to see yours! Is she number one on her certificate? Mine is number 2, and is the Dreaming version, but that's not stated on my CoA.
      I have several 5in wigs around (FIDs and such around here) and those seem to fit her nicely. Luts and Leekeworld 5in wigs with elastic bands.
      ALso, did some clothes rustling and found she does okay in a pair of Dollmore Dear Doll sized jeans and hoodie. We'll scout shoes another day.
      Edit: Ok, the jeans are actually a little short, but not bad in a pinch.

      And I yanked her eyelashes. Wow. Then saw her in better lighting conditions and wow. She needs a better faceup. Currently she looks cold or like she has a cold. lol Lots of blushing on her nose and cheeks. I think that's the current faceup fashion.
      Mine came with eyes, but you couldn't see them what with the eyelashes covering them up. Then after yanking the eyelashes, I realized they were acrylics and not a color or size I am going to want to go with. Going to go through the eye stash later too.

      Lol, yes, sometimes artists like to add lots of glitter! I found some on a thigh ball. :XD

      Yes! The jelly ....companion? Had me confused too! I consulted my husband and we decided definitely not food. lol Interesting thing. A bunny I think. I was excited at first, thinking it was a marshmallow. But it has no smell.
      So anyway, my guess is it's a companion.?

      Edit: finally got a photo to load on Flickr! NSFW.
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    13. @aernath - Cute! She and the cats look inscrutable together. :) The faceup doesn't look bad in your photo, but then I didn't try to enlarge it. My certificate might be number 1. There is a long tail in front of the downstroke, which might be the European style. On the other hand, it resembles the T in Tan but without the stroke through the middle. Can't really tell. I see you got your girl to sit cross-legged. That's the only way I could get mine to sit. My marshmallow companion has no ears, so I'm pretty sure it's not a bunny. More like a slimmed down Big Hero 6. I suspect we received different versions of it.

      Here's my girl sitting. Or as close as I could get her to sit. She's wearing a 6-7 Monique wig--the one that kept falling off.
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    14. My Squirrel got a faceup, an outfit, and a name. Meet Lilou. Her outfit is inspired by the French flag. Wig by Luts for Tiny Delf, shoes by Luts for Honey Delf. Faceup by me.
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    15. Wow! Lookit you go! Mine just got eyes (10mm Mehi Art), a borrowed wig (Luts 5.5-6inch TDW), and pants and top (Dollmore Dear doll). Going to have to go take a look at those Honey Delf shoes. Thanks for that tip!
      I was going to try and get a photo today, but got busy with other stuff. Maybe tomorrow.

      Yup, that's a European style 1. Yay! We got numbers 1 and 2!
    16. That's the first time I ever got a number 1 CoA. The closest I've come before was a number 2.:)
      I don't know where Lilou's eyes came from originally. Maybe LeekeWorld, maybe Denver Doll. They're glass, they were in my stash, they fit, so I used them. The eyes that came with the doll filled the eye opening. I like to see some white so I used my own. I think they're 10mm.
      The Honey Delf shoes are still a little loose. You'll want socks with them.
      She was relatively easy to crochet for, once I took apart my first effort. Single crochet made the dress so stiff it stood up by itself. After I switched to double crochet it all came together.
      And because I can't resist, here's another photo:
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    17. @aernath - I love your Dreaming Squirrel--she has attitude in spades! So tell me, how did you get her ears to stay on? Mine only work without a wig. I assume it's because the magnets are not strong enough.
    18. Soom usually sends extra magnets with their dolls, so I have some on hand. I stacked a couple more tiny ones up inside her head. Still too weak, so I will see about switching to slightly bigger ones since there's still room in her head.
    19. @aernath - I have extra FairyLand and Iplehouse magnets. I'll try stacking those. Did you also stack extra magnets on the ears themselves? Even if the ears don't lie flush with head, the wig ought to hide the extra space.