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Olivia & Lishe

Jul 30, 2006

    1. I know the NY party JUST happened, but if anyone who got Olivia also has Lishe I would love to see them together. They look a little similar to me.

    2. Honestly.. they look nothing alike.
    3. No one actually took her home yesterday, it was a preoder and they will arrive somtime in september.
      Whoops!! Wait a minute! 2 people actually took home one Olivia one-off each yesterday!! I just remembered! They are really lucky!
      But anyway, trust me, they are not even remotely simular!! Olivia is so slender, long and unique. She doesnt have perky implant style breasts like Lishe (not saying bad about them, they are nice boobs!), but she has very natural ones. I dont think they could be any more different! lol
    4. Thanks for your opinion... I'll keep mine.


    5. I was talking about faces not bodies- they both have pouty lips and narrow eyes. I'm not saying they're twins or anything, just seems like they might look nice together due to the similarities. Do you have both, or have Lishe and saw Olivia in person?


    6. I have seen both in person (saw Olivia just yesterday at the NY Volks event), Olivias head is much more slender and small in porportion. They are really different, so they would probably look a lil off together.
      BTW- I hope you dont think I was like attacking/belittling your comment on how you think they look a lil alike, I wasnt trust me! I was just trying to let you know they are actually very different, face and body.
      Well, I hope one of the 2 lucky winners of the Olivia one-offs has a Lishe so you can see the piccies you requested! :)
    7. Oh no on, I didn't think you were being all that sassy. An opinion is an opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs for sure. I get a little crabby when people get super dismisive about other peoples' opinions... but I'm a little crabby in general.

      Do you like Olivia? Her bod looks great but I'm having a hard time with her face. Some of the pics looked great but sometimes she looked exactly like Yukinojo.


    8. i was the person who won the Diva Olivia one off, and i have a lishe, unfortunatly i had to pay yesterday when i got home, so they are shipping her to me, and when i get her, i will take lots of photos.
      i personally think her body is great, my friend said it looks like a DD body in resin, and i agree with her, only it seems to be alittle more muscular...

      i think her face looks alittle like heath, which is fine with me, because i wanted to make a heath female. i will take lots and lots of photos when i get, from head to toe, and post all my findings, so just keep looking, she should be here in about a week or so... i will try and not die before then!!!

    9. Seems odd that you say you won her as sinfulresin said on her LJ (http://strawberry-pies.livejournal.com/18368.html) that she won her for her to her friend anneguish who also has a Lishe like you... You aren't anneguish are you because there are lots of people looking for anneguish in the feedback forum.

    10. Yes it must be so hard for you to post my packaged but you can take the time to post photos and make a fake name on DoA and can afford to pay for a one off.

      Do know that you have $400 of my money or my doll, either send me the doll or send me the money. It sickens me that you've technically spent all these people's money who you've scammed on a one off doll for youself, then have the decency to create a fake (but easy to guess) username on DoA so you can show off about it? What a slap in the face.

      You told me a story that you needed this money, that you couldn't afford anything, I believed you and felt sorry for you and wanted to help out, then out of the blue you can afford a one off doll? But you can't afford to post my parcel?

      If I do not get this parcel soon you will face legal action, I've contacted everyone that I need too, I will not have someone stealing $400 from me just because they can't be bothered to take 10 minutes to post a parcel.

      I want the doll that's rightfully mine, with everything I was told I'd be getting, clothes, wig, eyes, and undamaged and no alterations. Otherwise I have no choice Ami, I have given you too many chances, and all these excuses that you were ill and I tried to be sympathetic, well no more.