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[Olleaf] '2nd' USD Outfits Pre-order is now ~!

May 13, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      :aheartbea We are taking pre-order about the devoted clothes.:aheartbea



      Recently it’s fantastic weather to go out.
      We went out to take pictures with goods. Now you can see the new summer goods.
      We will receive pre-order for the new goods from 15/May.

      If you place an pre-order, you can get 5% discount and 10% reserve point.
      It means you can get it 15% cheaper than a normal price.

      Some of the last pre-order goods entered into the warehouse.
      Then visit and see them.

      The size of the clothes is compatible with the size of the other USD dolls.
      The 2nd pre-order event will be started from 15/May to 26/May.