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OMG! Is this for real? Elfdoll girl Sooah

Jan 1, 2006

    1. From what I understand, it's a standard release.
    2. yup! Rain Man always said he was gonna release the Standard Sooah by January 25. =)
    3. Haha. I never knew, I just found out about elfdoll. And that's what I get for skimming through descriptions. I am so happy, yay!
    4. *stares*

      I've never seen her before, but.... *drool*
    5. She looks great in those glasses, too.
    6. the glasses pic makes the doll look so real!!! :D
    7. I also LOVE the added eyelid line!! Gives her an caucasian/asian mix thats lovely!!! Just got Shall and now I want Sooah!!! ARGH!!! Oh why oh why did I have to start liking BJD's!!! And then of course when Sooah is mine, they will want boyfriends too. It'll be an expensive year I can tell....:cry:

    8. She is gorgeous!!! I really can't afford her right now, but $500 is an amazingly reasonable (almost TOO reasonable!) price for someone so beautiful.
      She looks like she could be an older sister to my Kid Delf Ani! :D

      Does anyone have any photographs of her with or without faceups, small bust and large bust?
      Is the large bust...really large? Is small...really small? *laughs* I'm still kind of new to categorizations.

      Happy New Year!
    9. YAY!!! I love Sooah. She looks like such a diva :D
    10. and here I thought you were scared of girls. =P

      Sooah really is lovely. =D
    11. yup

      this has well and truly solved my dilemma of Shall vs Soah. i knew that down the track i would buy probably one of either them two to pair with my Lahoo but i didn't want to do that for a while so i can spend some time just with Eleison as he's my first BJD. *drifts off into daze again*

      so let me get this straight, this is an unlimited set for this gorgeous girl that comes with:
      doll, makeup, eyes, bathing suit, glasses and exclusive doll case

      for $500? :o

      and only a 20 day wait? :o *still waiting for her Lahoo*

      cos if it's Limited...D: D: D:, i can try my best to pull some strings...but i would honestly like some time alone with Eleison (and honestly, it's not sensible of me to be getting another doll right now)
    12. hey, i'm willing to buy the glasses that come with her.. I want them so bad, but I can't buy sooah XDDDD yet. Maybe once I buy my car and save up money..
    13. I know, I'm in love!!! But...oh gosh, next time I see an opportunity is tax return time. And that's if I'm lucky. XD (And...I was gonna use that money for Anime Boston and going to Providence to see Phantom of the Opera in March...)

      So.....who wants to donate?? ;)
    14. I'm not too hot on the glasses, tho it's a plus. But I'm so broke right now. T_T Money, need to get money.
    15. Omg!! She'll be next on my list! Well, she is right now! I'm still waiting for my Shall..but omg, I have the same dilemma sa Clotho0377!!! SOB... I know,they'll be needing guys dolls as well..Y_Y but..i gotta wait for owner pics first..^.^
    16. I AM scared of girls.... but I still look at them...
    17. Waaahh!

      I didnt read that! Oh my god, now I feel guilty about buying Israfel! Oh my god, she's gorgeous

    18. :D

      Hey Alodia,

      Yeah I really want to see owner pics too, but I think I'll take the plunge and get Sooah. Shall can have a sister YIPPIE!! And as far as boyfriends, I'm contemplating the new SD16 guy. He looks older than most of the other boy BJD's. I know that the Berman/Hounds are older looking, but I'm kinda on the fence about their face sculpt, But I like the SD16 sculpt and maybe I can do my own faceup for him. Umm don't mean to change the subject matter, but real quick. Does anyone know if the sd16 guy will be up for regular sales?

      Happy New Year, Paul :D