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Resolved OT Genie Stallings Bad Karma

Mar 31, 2005

    1. I don't understand Genie, why you have time to regularly post here, but refuse to answer any emails or PM's that I have been sending you for months. You have had my doll for almost a year and I have found out that that you have Phillis, Barb and Diane's dolls for longer than that, so it's not just me in this situation. We have all been asking you to send our dolls back to us, but you won't even respond to our emails. I myself and the three other girls I mentioned are very puzzled by your behavior, as we always thought very highly of you. You have shown yourself to be totally untrustworthy and dishonest.

      I am posting this here at DOA for number one, you don't answer our emails and number two, so that people will know what a mistake we made to trust you with our precious dolls. I hope that no one else here at DOA will find themselved in the situation that we are in. Bad karma for you Geniie, especially for keeping Diane's Lucas. As you well know, she is having a difficult time battling breast cancer at this time, so I think it is particularly foul of you to not send her doll back to her. She was so excited to finally have saved enough money to be getting an SD. He was sent directly to you for sueding, so she never even got to properly bond with him. That was almost TWO years ago!!! How can you look at our dolls and not feel guilty for what you have done? I just can't imagine. I am totally shocked by this. I had no idea that you would do such a thing, not just to me, but to Barb, Phillis and Diane. How many others, I wonder?
    2. um wow. If you have documentation of sending your doll to her along with receipts for how much you paid for the doll, you should start legal proceedings in small claims. (The value limit is usually $5,000 for small claims)
    3. Do you know where she lives? I know in some coses of dolls being help onto, a call to the local police department gets them sent out quick. it can also give you an idea of what options you have.
    4. wow, one of my big fears in purchasing these dolls was...sending them out for faceups/repairs and never getting them back. :D Good to know my phobia was well-founded! <3

      *doing her own faceups for the REST OF HER LIFE kthnx*
    5. I cannot imagine the stress of not receiving your dolls after all this time.

      Over a year and a half ago I bought a wig of Genie's through ebay. It was to be dyed. After no wig and no response to my emails for almost a month, I asked forcontact info from ebay. I left a message on her phone saying I'd have to contact ebay to complain if I did not receive the wig. Quite soon after, my wig showed up with no explanation. At that time Genie lived in the Dallas area.

      It is very scary to send a doll off in the mail. I have had Dennis do three face-ups for me and he is a true artist and very reliable.

    6. Yes, it is very stressful and I am very saddened by it also. Genie is a very talented individual and I always had such admiration and respect for her. I have sent her dolls in the past and trusted her completely. I still have hopes that she will do the right thing and return our dolls. She still lives in the Dallas area. One of the other girls knows someone who lives near there and offered tio pick up the dolls and send them out if for some reason Genie could not do it herself. Of course, we can't very well send someone if Genie refuses to contact any of us. [​IMG]
    7. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. If someone were to keep cissa for as little as a few months I would buy a plane ticket and fly my but out there to get her. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you girls. Good luck in getting your precious babies back. *ehugs*
    8. Just to let you guys know that the mods have emailed and pmed Genie about this... this isn't the first time she's been inexcusably slow mailing something. I would encourage people at least for now, not to have any business dealings with her, at least until this matter is resolved. Here's hoping that Genie will do the right thing and send your dolls out in a timely manner.

      We try to not to get too involved with user disputes... but in issues like this... if Genie never sends your dolls back, we'll have to ban her.
    9. Please don't be afraid, peachxprince! 99% of the traders here on DoA, whether it be faceup artists, body estheticians or merchandise sellers, are totally reliable and on the up and up. It's the occasional "bad seller" who runs the risk of ruining it for the rest--those legitimate sellers and creative artists who make customization a joy. I've purchased from DoA members, and have sent my dolls off to members, and have only had a real problem with one seller in the three years I've been a BJD fan.

      I do have to say, I purchased merchandise from Genie awhile back, and I never had a problem with her, but I guess things do change over time. I just don't want to think that you've been scared off of trading merchandise and services with our DoA members, because most of us here are truly honest, and we're in it for the beauty of the dolls and what can be achieved through customization, not just for our own dolls, but for others' as well.

      The best thing you can do is to glance through the "Good Traders List" here, and if you're in any doubt about a seller, please don't hesitate to request feedback about him or her. Rest assured, there'll be plenty of helpful members who can help you out!

    10. I agree with Lia. No one should let this taint their view of all customizers. Many of the customizers on this board are honest and wonderful people. The best thing you can do is do research. Find out as much as possible about a seller or customizer before you engage in any transactions with them. Don't just rely on feedback from one person, but as many people as possible. Now I know sometimes problems arise even when people do these things , however, if you are very careful things like this will be less likely to happen. I encourage people to go to the Marketplace and click on the "Feedback Forum" thread. It's there to help.

      Not that you shouldn't do your own faceups. I recommend giving that a shot too cause it's fun. But I've also sent a doll head of mine for a faceup and I don't regret it one bit. He's returned to me and he is absolutely perfect in every way. :)

      As for the situation with genie...I really do hope everyone gets their dolls back. This situation really does sound quite terrible.
    11. ;; yeah, you guys are probably right. But I still think I'll attempt my own faceups at first. ^ ^;; If that doesn't work out (which it may not @ @;; ) then I'll give a glance at the good traders list and whatnot<3

      As for clothes/wigs/ect., however, I will most definitely be using the marketplace for shoppings~<3 DoA seems to have a good reputation overall anyway. So...I'm not /too/ worried, darlingfaces.

      Thanks for your insight ; ;<3 I appreciate it.
    12. Zalem, for some reason many of us are experiencing that messages sent to the "DOA Feedback" to be posted in the Feedback Forum thread, are just perpetually sitting in the outbox - I've had mine sitting there for weeks, so I posted the whole thing in the "Good Traders"-thread instead.

      - Therese
    13. Yes me too Therese.... mine has been there for about 2 months. So I did the same as you.
    14. Hmmm...I'll ask about it. I don't think the list gets updated everyday so it's possible that the messages only get read when it is ready to be updated. I don't remember how often it gets updated. It shouldn't be sitting there for months though. Maybe the pms aren't getting through at all. But yeah, use the Good Traders thread as well if it's helping you out. Or just feel free to ask around in the Marketplace.
    15. What has happened to you is truly terrible! :o

      Well... You know that person's address, right?

      If I were you, I'd go there in person, or ask some friends or DoA members that live in her area to go to her house (maybe with a policeman as well) and get your dolls back.

      I really hope you'll get your precious ones back very very soon!

    16. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Two years? That's scary, and it's moreless robbery. I would call the Dallas police or something about it. I live two hours from Dallas, but urban areas freak me out if I'm alone. If we could make arrangements to meet at A-Kon or something in a couple of months, it would be a neutral area with other BJD collecters there.

      How many times has she moved since taking off with your dolls?
    17. i would definatly call police... or get a really big friend and go over and get your dolls back. she has no right to keep your dolls longer then you want her to. I don't understand how this could have happened? Go after her!
    18. Actually...I live in Dallas. If she's still here... O: I would be completely willing to contact local authorities...if it would help. IF you want it to come to that. ^ ^;; Heh. I'll be at A-Kon as well. I'd have no problem picking up/delivering your dolls.

      If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
    19. Wow, that's scary...I haven't even ordered my el yet, but I don't think I'd be sending it out anytime soon, to get a face-up or blushing or anything like that, unless I absolutely 1000% know that the person I'm dealing with is legit and is very reputable in terms of service and speed of getting the doll back to you after the service is completed. although, I know DoA members, especially the ones in the marketplace aren't trying to cheat the system by stealing other people's dolls for their own selfish reasons. I know they'll return it. ^_^ But yeah...that's absolutely awful, I really do hope you get your dolls back.
    20. Each day since I read your original post, I check hoping to read that arrangements have been made to get your dolls back. I feel angry that his has happened. I've been in the doll world for 20 years, mostly as a buyer. Rarely does something like this happen, but once I was badly taken buying through the doll resale newspaper CU. When the seller refused to honor the paper's return policy, I filled out a complaint form with the PO and the seller's city's Better Business Bureau. I also wrote to the seller's state Attorney General. I knew the PO and the BBB could not do anything but my letters were on file if anyone wanted to check on the seller. The Attorney General's office handled consumer fraud and they got my money back. I could prove by phone records that I had tried numerous times to call the seller within the required time period. The seller denied I had ever called.

      Genie's talent is tremendous and she's shared her talent with the DOA but talent does not excuse what has happened.

      Thank you to our moderators for taking a stand. I hope to read soon that your dolls are on the way back.