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otokke: What a cheat!

Apr 16, 2007

    1. I wish I didn't sell my wujee off to otokke, April. It was about early last year when I decided to sell Alisha (wujee) because I couldn't connect to her well. I sold her to April at her original price (about $350USD). On the day we met, she paid me $100SGD less, saying that she would give the rest of the money another time. Me, thinking think that since I got her handphone number and email, I would be able to find her, agreed to it. She was very friendly and we chatted alot. I also invited her to livejournal to let her blog about her dolls. Later on she mention that she'll be getting a new doll from Dollzone, so I ask if she could get me some outfit from there, using the $100 she owes me. She agrees and I didn't hear from her until last November. I called her, asking about the Dollzone order. She muttered something about DZ messing up her order and somethings didn't come, like her doll body. She then said that she had to go and that she will call me back.

      It's over a year now. She didn't call me back. Her handphone number is does not work anymore. She never reply to any of my emails. I recently commented at her livejournal blog and a few days later she deleted her blog. :evil: At that point, it pissed me off because she has obviously broke her promise and trashed her responsibility as a buyer/seller/friend.

      If anyone know her address or any other form of contact like her house number, pm me. I'm trying my best of not letting her get away with this.
    2. oh thats horrible! i hope someone can help you......
    3. I'm sorry this happened to you.. but I do hope you realize that you should never ever give someone a doll for less than they were supposed to pay, even if you have their phone number or anything. You get all the money, and you get the doll. No matter what they promise, you can't trust anyone these days. :( I'm so sorry this happened to you, because I know you were only doing it out of generosity. It goes along with the saying, no good deed goes unpunished. I hope I didn't sound snobby.
    4. oh dear... dunno who she is but bumps for u n hopefully someone in spore gives u her contact
    5. sorry to hear from that > <
      She is hiding away from you! Go get the police, give her one last chance if she still don't respond to any warning you have posted here and sg_sd.
      i believe the police will have ways to track her down
    6. flowergirl I hope so too.
      pawpaw I was expecting the full amount when I brought the doll along to meet her. Perhaps you were right that I should have been more strict with her with she paid up a 100 less and should have refused to sell. I was rather navie thinking that all doll owners are good friends and about trusting someone whom I just met. I dont think that you're snobby to said that. It's the right way of trading. It's just that I'm too kindhearted? *sigh*
      ringo_031 Thanks for the bump. I'm hoping that someone would since she had done quite a number of trades before she dissappeared.
      meeve I know she hiding form me Grrr. The things is I only know her name is April and that she a single mom. It's hard for the police to do much about it with so little infomation so I'm hoping to get help from here.
    7. Here's another bump - I hope someone can help you, because I can't stand lowlife scamming thieves who take advantage of someone's good nature!
    8. *cries for you* Oh!! soo bad!!! X(( I feel sorry for you!!! U_U I'll pray God would do you a favor and not let her get away with this!

      Bump for you!
    9. I had a bad experience with Otokke too, she sent me a Volks Tenshi body with a broken (and repaired) knee. There was nothing about this problem in her description and nothing was visible in the photos. When I tried to get a partial refund for her, as I thought only fair, she said "oh I guess you didn't get my later PM with the knee description in it". So I asked for a copy of this mythical PM, but naturally, she had "deleted it".
      She would not make the transaction right for me, and so I had a body I overpaid for by about 100.00.
      I did make a negative feedback thread about the transaction here

    10. my friend had a bad experiance with her through a group order in which I witness every message she had sent to her and also the fact that my friend tried to transfer her the money but the machine wasn't working. She was very impatient and refused to meet up to give my friend her stuff even though we decided to meet her at her own convenience but she refused. I called her up and spoke to her politely until she lashes out at me with vulgarities and called me names. Insulting my mother and all that and later my friend also got lashed out at.

      From the conversation she stated she was going through a hard time from divorce and all sorts of excuses to make us somewhat pity her though her tone was not pitiful at all. In the end the stuff never made it's way to her and thankfully my friend did not pay her after all that.

      If she was going through all that, she is not fit to be doing business and mixing personal stuff. Definitely a bad transaction and shouldn't be a doll owner unless she has stable income instead of scamming ppl. >< and cheating people.
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