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Owners not selling their Notdolls?

May 4, 2006

    1. Just wondering, as I'm always looking around the market place I've noticed that not many Notdoll's come up and when they do they normally sell quite fast...

      I was just wondering if the dolls just seem to be able to bond really well?
      Is it because their look is so unique that when someone knows they want to buy them it's easier to bond?

      I know I can't phrase very well what I'm thinking but do people know they're going to bond with a notdoll before they buy one because the face mold is so unique?

      just a bit curious on this! (I'm very interested in getting a Belladonna myself x3)

      Mods if this is in the wrong place sorry - please move it to where it belongs!
    2. Yeah, I've also thought about that. They seem to be more of a hate it or love it thing. I love Notdolls so much, but understand some people think them to be too different.

      I'm happy if they find a long lasting home the first time ^-^
    3. Notdoll- the marmite of the BJD world! ^_-

      I think the very distinctive look of the Notdoll dolls makes them quite intimidating for some collectors (I for one find them quite scary as a rule), so yes… I think that the people who will buy them will pretty much know right away weather or not they will bond!
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    4. It's definately an aquired taste - I've wanted Aletheia since I discovered her last June and I found her in Janaury. I'm most careful with her too but I kinda consider her my "special needs" girl.

      And I've tried marmite - :ablah: *shakes*
    5. Mmmm Belladonna does have a very... well to me frightening face. I dislike her lips and big round eyes. Combine with the fangs for the ultimate scare!

      So I can see how it's, if not an aquired taste, something you wither like or don't.
    6. I'm so undecided on the matter- do I love them or hate them! no idea.

      sometimes, I'm really charmed by the unusual look and sometimes I just get scared!

      but yeah, back to the original questions,it's an interesting one, but I think your theory is right; if people know they want them in the first place (being unusual dolls) then they will bond well with them
    7. I've been trying to decide on wether or not I want a Aemaeth for a looong while and not sure if I want to or not. I love the face, its so unique, its just the body I'm not crazy about. Don't know why. I could buy the head seperate, but am not 100% positive. I'm afraid of not being able to bond with her. :/
    8. I think it's definitely a question of whether or not they're the right one for you . . . it's probably a little obvious that I adore my Aletheia, Lysandra, and I'd never consider giving her up ^-^

      -- Andi <3
    9. I have Belladonna (Peace of Swords). I was so drawn to the first picture I saw of a Belladonna and then proceeded to waffle back and forth since she can look so different in each and every photo. She haunted me and I gave in and now that she is with me, I think she is one of the most beautiful dolls I've seen in person. There is no way to know for sure if you will love or not love a doll until she/he is in your hands and you can spend some time together. For me, I adore her face and think she has a beautiful body. I am pleased that the NotDoll dolls are not more popular...it makes my doll that much more unique and special to me :)
    10. Is it Petra that has Tyra Fishlips? I adore that doll - she's got so much spunk, she just radiates attitude. I think a lot of the attraction to their fans is that they really are a love or hate doll - either you're zany, love 'em, can see them coming to life or you think they're sort of creepy looking.

      (that was just my personal two cents, which is worth approximately .5 cents in today's market)

      I'm torn - don't like the factory Bella Donna but really like to see them customized and in more unusual wigs and clothes.
    11. Oooooo....I love Petra's Tyra Fishlips! I think that doll is the one that finally made me decide to go ahead and order after waffling back and forth on whether to do it or not. I was amazed at how different she looks from any other Belladonna. I love my "factory" Belladonna's looks, but I will probably get brave and try some customizing myself :)
    12. Well I've had several Notdolls...
      Cosette (twice!)
      Vampire Aletheia,
      Vampire Janus,
      and now I've got Aemeath coming!

      The first time I saw that face... Vampire Aletheia...
      She horrified me! Eek that nose, those teeth... what the...?!
      But I kept going back to look at her...
      Pretty soon I was enchanted by that face.
      And so it went!

    13. Ravendolls I know just what you mean! I kept going back to Aletheia, I was fascinated by her (like a car wreck on the side of the road LOL) but then when it came time to order I almost chickened out and got Belladonna but my husband said are you nuts? You'll never forgive yourself. Boy was he right! I love my vampire girl, silly nose, no chin and all.
    14. What I've found once I recieved my Belledonna was that so many people had no clue how nice she looked in person. I constantly hear people say that they were turned off by the photos on the site, but that the doll looks so different once you see her in real life.

      As to weather or not you bond before you get the doll. I think for me that's always the case. I don't buy a doll that I'm not going to want. I have to see the character in my head and form a personality first. Once that's done, I put the doll to that personality that's in my head.

      I knew when I first saw Not Dolls Belladonna, that she would be a spoiled little rich kid with a smart mouth, attitude problem and a view of entitlement. I knew from that one moment that I had to have her. I waited and it wasn't untill I saw nurse belladonna that I made the purchase because she was just right.

      Had nurse Belladonna not come out, I still would have gotten her. I just would have made piece of sword Belladonn's mouth a little darker. But for now she's my perfect Madison.

    15. I have several doll and my belladonna is the older. And I can said that she is really my favorite ! All my other doll are in the lounge and Issadora my belladonna is the only one who is allways with me next to my computer she is so special and beautiful to me I am totaly in love with this doll since the first day. She poses so well compare to the other, and now I am asking why I don't have already an other doll from notdoll like amaeth or Argeia Aletheia :)
    16. I purchased a second hand Bella Donna with a faceup. The original owner did not bond with her. She had a flaming hair fur wig. I immediately removed the wig and put her in girly clothes with a darker orange brown mohair wig. I just adore her!!! She does need a re-stringing, but I like the way she flops around. LOL
    17. I think the reason why the Notdoll Belladonna gets snapped up so quickly in the marketplace is because of her distinctive look -- it's so drastically different from almost all other Asian ball-jointed dolls that those who have been admiring her for a while, like you or I, know for sure that we want her. Plus she's a fairly expensive doll, so deals on the marketplace are awesome!
    18. personally, i love the way they look.
      but my ligaya is a nightmare...as far as her body goes.
      i know that some people love the bodies....
      but em. yea. i'll be selling her at some point.