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Resolved Pageing Squllu - RESOLVED

Dec 20, 2007

    1. Hi,

      I purchased a head from a marketplace seller here-> http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132673

      I had asked her to send the head directly to the faceup artist that I hired to do a faceup on the head for me. She agreed and the faceup artist sent her address (via PM). I sent the money for the head, and half-down to the faceup artist via paypal on the 9th, and the seller sent me a PM back saying she received it, and the address from the faceup artist, and would be sending it out on the 11th.

      Today is the 20th. Both the faceup artist and myself have attempted to PM and email the seller several times, but have had no responses. The seller last logged into DoA this past monday (the 17th).

      I'm wondering if it's time for me to start going to more extreme measures to contact the seller, or if I should wait a bit longer. How long do you have with paypal to file a dispute anyway?

      Please advise... :atremblin
    2. The paypal site will tell you how long you have. It is either 30 or 45 days. You can start a complaint which will extend the time a bit longer. If she hasn't responded to Pms about the shipping, then I would send one more pm saying if you dont hear something by x date you will file a claim. She should have sent you tracking info by now in any event.
    3. You could create a paiging thread on DOA with the seller's name in the title--sometimes that prompts people to action, or other members come forth with similar troubles or experiences regarding the seller. It could give you a better idea of what's going on, or get the seller to come forth quicker. Good luck!
    4. i am the face-up artist in question, and i put a read-receipt on my last PM to her. she has not as of yet read it. i'm getting concerned as well.
    5. Thanks para_chan214!! (I didn't want to mention your name without asking you first.)

      Thanks for all the advice everyone! I'm leaving Monday for vacation and won't be back until after the new year, hence my reason for getting antsy. I'll give her thru the weekend I guess, then try to page her. When I get back after the new year, if she still hasn't answered or anything, then i'll think about filing a claim with paypal.

      THANK YOU ALL! :)
    6. Seller just contacted me... says she had the flu and will ship out tomorrow.

      Leaving this thread here until I get confirmation that it's shipped.

      THANK YOU!
    7. seller contacted me as well. waiting for shipment.

      and this time of year, flu i can believe. >.<
    8. still no word from the seller as to whether the head has shipped yet.
    9. Monday... and still no word. :(

      I assume it'll have to wait until Wednesday now (since tomorrow is xmas)... so much for the "tomorrow" I got on Friday. :(
    10. none here, either.
    11. :( Well, it's been a week since she said she'd ship out tomorrow... i'm going to try paging her thread again, but i've about had it at this point. :roll:
    12. seller's last activity: 12-22-2007 10:13 AM

      last PM received from her was 12-21-2007, for me. no word on whether the head has shipped or not, nothing.
    13. seller's Last Activity: Yesterday 03:25 PM

      no word from her, and no read-receipt to show she's even looked at her PMs.
    14. (She's added tags to her "for sale" thread...)

      I've PM'd and posted in her thread, that if I dn't hear anything from her by new years, i'm going to open a complaint with paypal.
    15. The staff changed her status to "being paged" for me today, and that worked. She contacted me and said the head has shipped and will arrive at para_chan214's by the end of the week. THANKS EVERYONE!

      (Want to wait and see if it actually happens tho.)
    16. have asked seller for tracking number, as she said the head was shipped priority.
    17. Head finally arrived at para_chan's. Going to leave some serious feedback for the next buyer tho.
    18. Oh... and thanks for the help everyone! :)
    19. As the issue has been resolved para_chan214 has the head now, when will my being paged status go away?

      BTW I would love to see the head after para_chan214 has worked her magic. The other DD she worked on is super cute.