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PAGEING xanthe_roses - RESOLVED

Jun 17, 2008

    1. normaly i'd wait longer to do this but, i participated in a group order ran by xanthe_roses. i told her i was called out of town for a week last minute but she said she'd hold onto my doll till i got back, i told her i'd be home on the 14th and that i'd pm her soon as possible. the problem is she hasn't been on sence the 13 and she knew that i was going to be on the by 14th or 15th at the latest. PLEASE xanthe_roses, PLEASE contact me asap. i'm hoping that the dates just got mixed up and someone who knows you will be able to contact you and we can get my girl home. ^^
    2. I wouldn't worry too much yet. Probably just RL. I have two of her heads for face-ups, so I doubt she'd disappear. ;) Hope this helps ease your mind!
    3. thanks i admit i get worried needlessly a lot :sweat i try not to but when it comes to money i spazz at the drop of a hat :lol: thanks again for the help:aheartbea
    4. RESOLVED!!! <3 she was out of town and forgot to pm me about it! so i was just being paraniod ;)