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Unresolved Paging 0yiyayiyayo0

Nov 22, 2010

    1. I didn't think there was a lot of point in paging, but someone at a recent doll meet encouraged me to post this up here. Its an old transaction, but I'm still out some considerable money.

      I'm sure there was no malicious intent or anything though. I don't think the user has been online much recently either :/.

      In January this year I ordered two outfits from 0yiyayiyayo0's shop, as well as registered airmail to the UK. I knew this was going to take some time to complete, because she told me as such. I wasn't in any rush to recieve the order. I have all of the relevant PMs if its required that I post them, but I don't think there's any dispute like that.

      I paid $226.80 for the two sets of clothes, on agreement I'd pay the postage fee later once they were finished, and they'd been weighed and packaged. Although I don't have the receipt for the transaction, I have the PM confirming I'd send it for February this year.

      In April I was sent a message by a friend of the user explaining that she'd had a sudden loss and the wait would continue. I was still in no rush, and told her not to worry and get back to me when she could. The last message I recieved was on the 05-06-2010 02:48 PM stating that she'd send me photos to prove the work was underway.

      I've not heard anything.

      I have no problems with this user, only its such a lot of money and its been a long time without contact. I'm happy to wait longer as long as I have proof of something underway, and I'm happy to recieve a refund.

      Mostly I'd just like to know what's going on o.o.
    2. 0yiyayiyayo0 has not been on the forum since 8MAY. She is now in the Unresolved Transaction group. Best of luck.