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Unresolved Paging 100700 (MP Ban)

Nov 24, 2011

    1. So upset about this situation I have no choice but to do this. I asked 100700 to do a commission for me this past August of two simple dresses along with free underwear and socks(said it's a free gift from company to include the socks and underwear) for my Volks SD10 and my Dollfie Dream both together plus shipping costing in total $153.50 (I paid them the 20th of August).

      After paying 100700 I asked how long it will take to make the dresses and she said it will take 2 months. I was horrified with the time and told her I would like for these to be done before October 9th since they will be my birthday gift. She mentioned they will try.
      [9-20-2011]Time passes and I sent her a message asking her about my dresses and that if they will be done by October 9th and she says
      [10-7-2011] Two days before the due date but have not received a message and ask if the dresses are on their way and reminded her the due date was the 9th. She says
      [10-15-2011] I sent a message asking about if my dresses have been shipped and when I will receive photos and her reply was
      [10-22-2011] Sent another message asking if the dresses have reached her yet or have they been sent to me and her reply was
      [11-1-2011] Asking about the news of my dresses and her reply was
      [11-3-2011]I tell her to send me a message ASAP when she hears from the tailor as I am fed up at this point. She replies:
      [11-14-2011] STILL no message and I send her this message of how frustrated I am with this situation.
      Her reply to this message:
      FINALLY got a message from her yet she replies
      [11-23-2011] (TODAY)
      By this point I am very frustrated with this seller as they leave a bad taste in my mouth. Honestly, at this point I just want my money back. Cause the dresses will just remind me the pain I went through with this seller. This is my first and definitely my last time dealing with this seller. I won't demand again the refund IF she can be able to send the dresses out to me WITHIN a week. Also has not provided the photos of the dresses as I have asked more than once for her to provide through the company. By the shipping and how things will go, it will take a long time for the dresses to arrive and I hope it will beat the crazy Christmas mail traffic that is soon around the corner. Thank you for reading.
    2. 100700 was last on the forum today.
    3. very important notice to all the buyers who have not recevie their dresses.

      i'm waiting the package arrive from Q & C stuido and it's already past one week(normally the package should arrive 2 to 4 days for a domestic delivery. and i keep asking her about this but there's no reply

      this is making me very worry that they might not be able to finish this order( i ordered more than $600 dresses like 6 month ago and there's still no any dress has been send to me till now)

      i just really don't want the buyers i taked orders for will keep very worrying and don't know when they will have their orders done . since i can not provied any replys now i just tell you the q & C studio's person's doa id : velownica . please contact her directly since i don't get any replys from her now. ( i don't want the buyers to worry and waiting for replys like this that's so unfair for people who paid money and don't get their goods)

      and if it turns out the Q & C studios don't want to send out orders. i just charged shipping fee and 10% customers service fee out of the payment and i will refund all the payment i charged. and if you just cannot get the refund from Q & C studios, and i will refund you by my own money and if i don't have the money at one time( i just lost job due to poor health and really can even come up the money to cover all my bills now) i will pay it monthly till i give you the full amount you paid

      thank you very much ​
    4. great news i just got two buyers dresses orders from tailor today . i'm figure all orders can be sent out at last. the only thing is i don't know the speed anymore she never replied me till now