Resolved Paging 1mim - RESOLVED

Feb 29, 2012

    1. I think her inbox might be full. Been trying to get ahold of her about an order I started about a month ago (have not yet paid) and more than anything I'm hoping everything's okay with her. Doll wigs are second on the list.
    2. 1mim was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I haven't heard from her either in about 2 weeks. I commissioned her on January 15th for a wig, like nadja I haven't paid, but on Valentine's day I was told to expect some photos of my wig that week.
      I haven't heard anything since then, and I messaged her on the 20th as well as today.

      I don't mind delays like this, but I'd like to be informed when there is one.
    4. here there everyone. I am alive, and perhaps there are some misunderstandings, I think I completed wigs but forgot to tell the wig owners that I posted a photo. I have been distracted I do have to admit. I have a developmentally disabled child and I have been having some troubles with his school district. I have been trying to do everything all the time. make wigs, battle dragons, sell my house to escape the school district :) hehe. I have been very careful not to take any money up front so no one has ever paid me a nickle before a wig is done. I admit this hasn't worked the best in every circumstance. (sometimes I don't get paid) Last week was school vacation and I should have posted a delay due to my 24/7 job. I'm sorry to be the cause of frutration. I will get wig photos to those waiting Sorry 1mim
    5. Can we un-page? I don't know how to do it...
    6. Have both members been contacted and feel this is now resolved?
    7. I am alright with this response. I'd consider myself resolved personally.