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Jun 23, 2008

    1. Adore_ one emailed me on 5-27-2008 requesting to buy one of my Latidoll yellow Cat Version dolls in this thread:


      I informed her that Lea was already sold, but that Coco was still available. The same day she used paypal to send me 353.00 (340 for doll, 13.00 shipping). Shipping included insurance and delivery confirmation. As per her request I waited until the weekend to ship the doll and sent her the tracking #. On 6-03-2008, she informed me via pm that Coco had arrived and she loved her. She expressed interest in knowing her skin color and i informed her that as I wrote in my slaes thread, I had ordered normal but thought they might be white skin.

      On June 22, I received an email from Paypal informing me that the transaction with her has been turned in as unathorized and the trqansaction amount is being held pending their investigation.

      I am writing this here in hopes of getting this cleared up quickly. Adore_one did receive the doll and I can provide pm's proving everything I have stated. She even started her own thread asking about the dolls skin color(which I have screencapped in case of deletion):


      Adore_one please clear this up quickly - I have heard nothing from you since you received her and told me you loved her! All of this information has been sent to Paypal; along with any appropriate screencaps and pms.

    2. Lishe ~ Please keep this thread updated with information regarding this issue. adore_one is now Being Paged.
    3. I have contacted Paypal again. I sent the package priority with insurance for 340 + delivery confirmation #03071790000441283935. They stated since I did not require a signature (despite all the proof of reciept) I may be ruled against. My account would remain negative 353.00 until I pay her - WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!

      If I am ruled against, I intend to contact the Boulder, Co. police department!

      Adore_one resolve this quickly. I know you have the doll; she was shipped to the verified address on the account!

    4. I have been contacted by adore_one. She said that it was all a mistake and that she did not recognize my husbands name on the account. She told me she was cancelling the claim, but Paypal told me this morning that they have not heard from her. I am communicating through an email that matches her Paypal account and have sent all info to paypal.

    5. All has been cleared! My account has been released- and it was all an honest mistake. Adore_one did not recognize my husbands name on the transaction (and after seeing other problem transactions), she turned in our transaction with the others.

      She kept in touch until it was solved even though she is overseas! please mark this as closed and resolved!

    6. Thank you Lishe for updating this. yes I love skype I was able to call back since I am here without a phone. Our cell did not work here.

      I am sorry I don't know why it did not work to cancel online. It said it was canceled for me.

      Yes a name I did not recognize from the wrong state (it showed california not where lishe is from) and leaving for a flight in 2 hours had me FREAKED OUT!

      I am so sorry! I do love the doll. She does have an error from LaTi, but I am sending the head back to them. This is nothing Lishe did. I know she sold her the day she got her and I do love her. Like I said strange state and different name threw me off.
    7. Also I communicated with Lishe in emails the best I have been able to. Like she said I am in UK and thus very different time schedule.

      Thank you for saying I cleared this up.