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Resolved PAGING Akito - RESOLVED

May 27, 2012

    1. Akito responded to my WTC thread here on March 5th and agreed to make the hospital clothes, plushie, and cloak for me. We discussed it and I paid the full amount on March 8th.

      Everything went well, I got updates, photos, and questions to make sure everything was okay with me. I was told Akito was in the middle of a move so I was okay with a bit of a delay in communication but my last communication was received on April 22. I sent a message on May 20th but not until after Akito was offline (also the last day Akito was on DOA).
    2. Akito was last on the forum 20MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. PM sent to angelicfrizard about the situation and commission
    4. Recieved and responded to her message, I will update here with hopefully a positive resolution whenever anything new happens.
    5. Items shipped for angelicfrizard~
    6. My package has arrived, the situation is resolved, and I will leave feedback, thank you.