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Paging Akkhima - RESOLVED

Dec 19, 2008

    1. I hate to do this, but being that I have had to initiate all contact, I feel that I am running out of options.

      2 December, I contacted Akkhima about splitting her Puki Pipi. I was interested in the faceplate, the wig, and the metal plate. She replied that yes, she'd be happy to sell them for $60 plus $5 shipping.

      4 Dec - Paid Akkhima $65 via Paypal for Puki faceplate, wig and metal plate, expressing anticipation to use faceplate in Puki contest. (Admission on my part: I paid one day late due to circumstances beyond my control.) She replied at once: Got it. I'll get the bits in the mail tomorrow.

      10 Dec - Emailed, asking about items, as PM system wasn't seeming to send. (My PM out never turned up in my 'out' box.)

      11 Dec - She emailed a reply: I apologize, I got really busy over the weekend. It's not a good excuse, I know. I'll add some extra puki sized outfits to make it up to you. Would you prefer boy clothes or girl clothes?

      I'll be printing out the mailing label today and putting it in the mail sometime in the next few days.


      11 Dec - I indicated that I was planning for my Puki to be a girl, and thanked her.

      11 Dec - Tracking number emailed through Paypal: 9105128882300527155950

      14 Dec - Emailed again, requesting information on the shipment, as tracking doesn't update

      15 Dec - She's been on DoA as of 7:24pm, without replying to my email.

      15 Dec - I send the following on DoA: I emailed on Sunday, and haven't heard from you, but I see that you've been on DoA today. I'd really like to know when I will get my faceplate. I'm more than a little disappointed that I missed having her in time for the Puki contest, and grow weary of the tracking number not updating.

      Please don't disappoint me further.

      16 Dec - She replies: I finally got it together, it will be in the mail this evening. I'm sorry about the contest, I really am.

      16 Dec - I replied: Thank you for your prompt reply, and I anticipate no further problems with this transaction. I do hope that my things will be mailed this evening, and that I will not feel it necessary to inquire again.


      I have heard nothing from her, no 'Hi, I got this shipped' and the tracking number listed above still doesn't work, and my puki faceplate still isn't here. (Things purchased and mailed First Class on the 16th are here today.)

      I'm very disappointed, and I want to know if my items have been shipped. If yes, please indicate to me the date they were mailed. If not, don't mail them and a refund in full will suffice.

      If there is no reply to this paging by 2pm Eastern on 21 December, I will be filing a Paypal claim so that I do not have this hanging over my Christmas vacation. By the time I return, it will be past 30 days since payment.

      Again, I really hate to do this, but there has been no effort of communication on her part, and I grow tired of being the one to ask and try to pry information from her.
    2. I'm afraid she hasn't yet sent my Puki hands yet either. I paid for them on December 15th.
    3. Being that she has been on DoA since this was opened, I have emailed her with a direct link, requesting that she reply.
    4. I've put Akkhima in the Being Paged usergroup. She was as you know online today, and has made posts elsewhere on the forum both yesterday and the day before.
    5. Thank you, twigling. I will update this thread as things happen.
    6. I did ship the parts that evening like I said, sorry for not noting it was done. I don't know why the tracking had not updated yet, but it now says:

      Label/Receipt Number: 9105 1288 8230 0527 1559 50
      Status: Processed

      Your item was processed and left our ATLANTA, GA 30320 facility on December 20, 2008. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

      It looks like they never scanned it until it was close to it's destination.

      I have not shipped your items yet. I told you it would be a few days.
    7. My items are indeed here, and while I am quite displeased with the time it took and the sheer lack of effort on her part to communicate, I consider my part in this closed and will not be filing with Paypal.

      Catclawtub, I hope your items get to you quickly!
    8. Catclawtub's items are in the mail.
    9. I'd like to add that catclawtub paid for her items on the 17th, not the 15th. When she posted here it had only been 3 days.