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Paging Alexial Leigh - RESOLVED

Nov 7, 2010

    1. I really hate to do this, but due to spuradic response from Alexia Leigh, I feel that this is the only way to get anything settled.

      I bought a tiny gem body from her a few weeks ago. It arrived on the 28th of October and I am extremely disappointed by the way the body was packaged. It was sent half unstrung. The lower half was in pieces and wrapped in a single piece of bubble wrap with no tape around it and put into the box. The torso and arms (still strung) were also wrapped in a single piece of bubble wrapped, not taped, and put into the box. When I received it, the parts had come free of the bubble wrap and had rubbed up against the side of the box. The doll now has blue and brown stains all over its body. I contacted Alexial Leigh about the issue almost two weeks ago for a shipping refund due to poor packaging, but I have not received it yet.

      In order to resolve this issue, I would like a refund of $14 for shipping.
    2. Alexial Leigh was last on the forum 3NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I've just gotten back online for the first time in days sending payment now
    4. I've received a refund for shipping. I consider the issue resolved. Thank you.