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Unresolved Paging alicelulualice (MP ban)

Oct 29, 2011

    1. Sorry to open up another thread like this, but... even though her other transactions have been resolved, I am still having problems with alicelulualice.

      I've bought a Volks Kurumi from alicelulualice and finish paying her off by the end of August. By the time, people were having trouble contacting her but, after some time, she replied to all e-mail by the middle of Semptember and told me she would ship my Kurumi and take care of the shipping fees...

      However, as other people received their dolls, I am still waiting for Kurumi. I am very worried not only because she was an expensive doll, but as I've also already e-mailed the seller a few times and haven't got any kind of reply... so maybe a paging might call her out. ;__;' I'd like to have some help in getting to contact her... in order to receive the doll, or at least have my money back. :/

    2. alicelulualice has not returned to the forum since 26AUG.
    3. Indeed... but maybe with some contact from the forum moderators, she might reply to one of my e-mails or something... ><' Please help me get a response from her! ;_;'
    4. Still nothing. I'm opening a paypal case if she doesn't respond until Sunday evening. :/
    5. She replied to one of my e-mails! Said she was having health problems and would ship my Kurumi asap. I'm hoping to get a shipping notice soon. OO~
    6. ... Still haven't shipped my Kurumi and does not reply. I'm leaving negative feedback for now and after I receive the doll, will leave another. For the time being, if I don't receive the money back or the doll until January I want her banned from DoA. :/
    7. Still nothing. :/
    8. I'm sorry to tell you this member has still not returned to the forum.
    9. I'm really afraid she's having serious health problems (at least that's what she said in the e-mail from November). I'm worried not because I think she wants to steal my money, but that something might happen to her and I really end up with no doll... but I don't want to think about that morbid possibility. >___<'

      Thank you for your support and I'll keep trying!!