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Resolved paging alicelulualice - RESOLVED

Aug 18, 2011

    1. I've paid the first payment for a Volks School Head D which is on layaway from her and it has been past a month and she did not send me an invoice nor answered her emails that I have sent twice. She has last logged in on 07-28-2011, and I have also pm-ed her here. However there is no reply.
      Kindly help me contact her please. :'(

    2. alicelulualice was last on the forum 27JUL. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Still no reply Q~Q. Hope for the best ><;
    4. Still no reply Q~Q
    5. I've open a paypal dispute. Q~Q didn't want that to happen....
    6. I'm also waiting for her reply on a Volks Kurumi I bought from her. I've paid her completely and she's not answering my e-mails, PMs or eBay messages. ><'
    7. I'm waiting to send last payment along with shipping fee for my Volks Tae2nd.
      I'm holding my last layaway payment even if my layaway period had ended coz I couldn't contact her D:
      No reply from her via both PM and email since August 16th.
    8. -sighs- She didn't reply till now.Does anyone know if anything has happened to her? X.X
    9. Last time I got reply from her, she said she's very busy with work and family problems.
      Hope she'll get things sorted out soon so that she can get back in touch with us.
    10. Yup, I've just gotten her email so this is resolved. Thanks. ^w^
    11. Me too ^^b