Paging AliceReverie - problem with GO - RESOLVED

Nov 19, 2010

    1. I'm involved in a Dollmore GO, in which AliceReverie is the organizer. Thread here.

      - AliceReverie received the items on November 6.
      - Items were sorted November 9, with a note that we'd receive PMs about shipping on November 10.
      - On November 10, AliceReverie updated to say that she'd ship by that Saturday - November 13.
      - November 13 came and went without any PMs about shipping, much less any items being shipped.
      - November 15 - finally received a PM from AliceReverie about shipping, saying she wanted to ship priority flat rate, with the note, "As soon as I have this information I will package and PM you back with invoice information. As soon as I've received the invoice I will ship it out. I have this week off from work and my family issue has been resolved. So there should not be any more bumps int he road."
      - I sent her my information right away. She disappeared again and did not issue a Paypal invoice for shipping.

      She was last online yesterday at 10:23am. She did not respond to my, or from what I gather in the GO thread - anyone's, PMs.

      As of today, I have opened a Paypal dispute. My ideal resolution would be for AliceReverie to send me a Paypal invoice for shipping and ship my items out by Monday at the very latest. If that can't be arranged, I would like a full refund.

      Mods, please page her?
      Thank you.
    2. I'm in the same boat as Falcongirl. I've heard nothing from AliceReverie since Nov 15, 2010 about my items. I can't open a PP dispute but I'd like either my items or my money back.
    3. Same as above for me. I hope this is resolved well. --Lauren
    4. Same thing goes for me as well. I'd prefer if I could get my items. So I don't have to join another dollmore order. :\ I think that's only fair since we know the order is at her house. According to Alice, they are anyway. >_<
    5. AliceReverie was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    6. I'm really sorry I'm working as hard as I can to get this done. Here's how things went.

      They are at my house. Which I am currently not at. The night after I said I didn't have work this week and I'd be able to get everything out my boyfriend of four years basically told me to leave, rushing out of my apartment the last thing I was thinking about was the GO. I'm doing everyhting I can really. I told them all I was having family issues but I didn't want to get too deep into it. This was just a slap in the face on top of everything that had been going on for him to do this to me.

      I thought that everything was fine again. I should have updated everyone, but I had a friend, who is on DOA that I do not wish to mention, pick up the GO box for me. (She has my spare key) As soon as I can get to her I will have everything mailed out. By Tuesday the latest.

      I'm not going to run any go's after this cause I don't want to make people think that I'm making excuses. Trust me, if I had forseen all this, I wouldn't have taken on this order.

      If there is anything else I can do until then I will. I might be able to talk my friend into finishing up the packaging, that I hadnt finished and get them to a post office, but it's not her duty it is mine.

      I feel like a disappointment - Alice
    7. were at my house*
    8. I'm not sure what you all are talking about, but she still has my items from a LUTS GO which she said she picked up at the airport on October 12. I have written numerous e-mails and always with the response that the package would soon be in the mail. What is going on? Cheryl
    9. I sent Kedrian the link to this thread, Her stuff is with the Dollmore GO. I had gotten sick when I finally got her address, and then the same stuff.

      Again, it should have already been done, so I don't have anything I can say about it.

      Also, I'm hoping I can get a ride to my freinds house that has the stuff (I do not drive, I rely on public transportation, which the part of the state I'm in I need to take a commuter rail and a train), because my bank account is now overdrawn. The paypal dispute was for over 50 dollars and put my bank account under by 10, add in 30 in overdraft and now I have no cash. Which also means I have no way to my work to grab the two paychecks they have for me that I couldn't get because I had been taking time off, again for personal reasons.

      I'm making some phone calls now about getting a ride over there Sunday or Monday.
    10. While I am sorry you are having such difficulty in your personal life, I'd like to point out that all of this could have been avoided with better communication on your part. You told us all that the life issues "had been resolved" and when that changed, failed to update us as well as failing to send the items out, and it seems these issues have been going on since at least October 12. My suggestion, if you don't have the funds to go get the items, would be to ask your friend to bring them to you. Or, if your friend is on DoA, ask them to take over the GO and send our items out. If neither of those works for you, PM me - I have family in Boston, used to live there, and I can have them pick up the items and ship them out.
    11. I'd like to point out, the funds wouldn't have been an issue if you hadn't done the dispute before opening this thread. I had funds, until paypal took out your go money. WHICH by the way you said, "My ideal resolution would be for AliceReverie to send me a Paypal invoice for shipping and ship my items out by Monday at the very latest. If that can't be arranged, I would like a full refund. "

      Accodring to paypal you have already received your refund, you should not have put up the dispute until this thread was read by me. I still plan on shipping out your items, but I'm gonna need that money back after you receive your items int he mail.

      They had been "resolved"... until I got thrown out. I think that up until that moment my communication was clear. Until I got the addresses I had always answered PM's and questions on the thread. I apologize that I didn't have it in me to get out of bed and do anything when trying to get over what had just happened to me.

      At the moment, I have a way to her apartment either tonight or tomorrow. So please relax, I said in my previous post that I was making phone calls to get this all done.
    12. Amber, I should not have had to open this thread. I sent you PM's before I did. I posted to the GO thread several times before I did. I pm'd a mod to ask what to do, before I did this. You didn't answer either of the messages I left in either place even after you were online - why would I think you'd answer a paging thread? You were offline and we had no idea when or if you'd be back and then you were online and didn't answer anyone's PM's or post in the thread. When I saw that, you lost my trust and I opened a dispute to protect myself and posted this thread fifteen minutes later. I had no idea if emails forwards from DoA were getting to you, but I figured when Paypal emailed that it would get through because that has to be a verified email address.

      I opened a dispute, which has not yet been escalated to a claim. Which means Paypal has the money in escrow. I don't have it and won't unless or until I escalate it to a claim which is decided in my favour. If you ship the items, you can email Paypal a copy of the shipping receipt and they'll close the dispute in your favour and put the money back in your account. Alternately, I can close it on my end and it will put the money back in your account. I'm willing to do that when you have everything on your end in order.

      Like I said, I'm sorry you're having a hard time in your life right now. That truly sucks.
    13. How about this: You give me time to get over there to my items. I've said now that I will have everything out by Tuesday, even if it means missing work at this point.

      I'm not about to go back and forth on this right now, I don't have the time. That's the only resolve I can give you at this time. Fighting is not going to get me there any faster as it is not an option.

      Until then, just bare with me. I have everyone's addresses and the reason I did not reply to anyone is because I said I would reply when I had them ready to ship, and I don't because I still need to make sure they all fit into the right boxes, and the out of country ones get the right postage.

      I will update this thread tonight as to whether or not I was able to make the trip to her house.
    14. I think we were all just worried. This kind of thing HAS happened before with other GOs and it's also happened to me in the past. And I don't think that Alice is a bad person, never thought that. I understand life issues happen. And I'm sorry they happened to you, Alice. As long as we get our stuff in a reasonable (and understandable) amount of time (a time that is agreed upon us and Alice) then my feedback will be positive. Communication was lacking, which can be worked on in the future, but there isn't anything we can do until Alice gets to ship out the items, or has someone else do it.

      That's my two cents. Once again, I apologize this had to happen Alice. But a bunch of us were worried and there was a lot of items (worth about 1300 dollars) floating around. Please update us when you ship, or are able to or are not able to ship.
    15. After a lot of hassle and a few angry family members I got to my friends place rather late. She was kind enough to let me stay for 2 days until I can get my check cleared and get a train back where I am living.

      I have everything ready to ship aside from 5 orders which are either A: Out of the country so I need different boxes that I can get tomorrow or B: Need boxes I didn't have (Too small will get damaged or too big, I refuse to squish things into boxes unnecessarily.)

      Sagecrimsons needs a smaller package, Tygati needs a bigger one. Taruto, Kiro, and Maankatje2000 are all out of the US I believe and wanted something that wasn't priority, just cheapest. Endre82 also needed a quote as they are out of the US as well.

      Lum Lum and BishounenJudge have recieved their items, they are local and I happened to have been able to meet with them the right after the GO arrived. Vegablack and I are in contact about her order, she's also a local.

      I've taken a picture of the orders all packaged (and some not packaged). A bunch jsut need packing take to secure them and I can send them out Monday If I get all the invoices in. I will be invoicing tomorrow.

      I might not have quotes until Monday for the out of the country packages as I need to go to the post office for all my options.

    16. TYVM for the update Alice. :)
    17. Thank you, Amber - hang in there!

    18. Everyone has been invoiced, I am shipping every package tomorrow regardless of getting all the invoices by then.

      Only a few people were not given prices, they will get their full invoice tomorrow when I have gotten the quote from the postal office.
    19. I'm must be the only one not worried... I recieved a PM for payment on the shipping Sunday and I know with the way things go, MasterJinn being without a job for 2 months and just getting once last week... hey LIFE happens. I'm just grateful that someone was willing to run the GO order that I'm not going to say anything other than THANX...

      - ShadowHawke -
    20. Invoice received, shipping payment sent.