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Paging Amaira Rose - RESOLVED

Jun 20, 2008

    1. Hello,

      I had done a partial trade with Amaira Rose. I was selling a CD white skin body and she wanted to pay part and trade for part. We had worked everything out, she had paid the money, and we were to send the body and her trade to me, a kimono, at the same time.

      The body has been sent to her, but I have not received my kimono or even heard from her since June 6th. In the PM I got on June 6th she stated she would be mailing the kimono the next day.

      I would just like to either get the kimono or the payment that was owed.
    2. I sent you a pm last night. ^^
    3. Kearsy ~ Has there been resolution on this yet?
    4. Hello,

      Yes this is resolved, the kimono came finally.