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Paging Amaira Rose - RESOLVED

Apr 27, 2009

    1. Commissoned Amaira Rose to resin cleaning, glue sueding, neck gouge, 4 hooks & restringing my WS BBB Apollo back on March 25th.


      She was very nice answered all my questions, kept in contact till April 11th, she last PM/d she told me my doll was all finished up and ready to ship, as soon as Monday, April 13th once she recieved payment.

      So I paid her that night and she told me she would PM me on Monday saying "Also, monday afternoon I will send you a pm to let you know how much shipping was and you can pay me then."

      Monday comes and goes, with no PM from, so I PM/d her asking if she had sent my doll and I get no reply.

      Then I PM/d her again last night April 25th, along with a tracking thing.

      it has been a week since i last emailed you which you didn't reply to.

      it's making me a bit nervous that you are not keeping in contact with me.

      please be honest with me and let me know what is happening, if you have sent my doll back to me like you said you were going to a couple weeks ago or if something has happened to prevent you from shipping him.

      i am a bit upset at the moment, because i don't know what is going on.


      Not even five minutes later I get an email saying she read it.
      So I am wondering why I am being ignored? This is my very first doll and I don't want to lose him ;u;

      Amaira was very nice to deal with until now, she was active in bumping her commission thread (but suddenly she stopped) I see that one of the girls on her commission list recieved her doll and left positive feedback.

      So please let me know what is happening, if anyone knows her and can ask her?
    2. kawaiiphantom ~ Amaira Rose was last on the board 25APR, she is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you very much Zagzagael!

      I have PM/d a bunch of people who attended a Tea Party that was hosted by Amaira Rose on March 25th. Some of them have PM/d Amaira Rose as well.

      Hopefully Amaira Rose will reply to someone!
    4. Updating!
      Still no reply, sent another PM, hopefully I will get a reply soon from her.

      Please contact me Amaira Rose and let me know what is happening.
    5. Still no reply from Amaira Rose!
      The last PM I sent her with a reciept has not been read yet.
      Hopefully she will contact me soon and let me know what is happening!

      I have had a few people PM me saying they contacted Amaira Rose via messenger and asked her about doll. She has told them she shipped him a couple days ago, but Amaira Rose has not contacted me about this or given me a tracking number.
    6. I need to hear from her too, on a doll I bought from her 3/27 which hasn't arrived. She's been very nice but hasn't given me tracking information. She last PMed me on April 22.

      (Mods please delete if it's not OK to post in this thread.)
    7. I have spoken to Amairalrose She did tell me that she shipped Apollo. I asked her for the Tracking information and she said she had to go and I was not able to get it form her. I will try contacting her again on your behalf. This saddens me deeply shes a nice girl I am sure something must be going on .
    8. Recieved mail today from a transaction I did on April 22nd.
      Apollo was "shipped" out on April 28th (though Amaira Rose did not personally tell me this) so hopefully he will come in this week.

      Still have not heard from Amaira Rose, hoping she will contact me soon.
    9. I have pm'd you! And am catching up on everyone's pms.
    10. I got your PM, thanks, Amaira!
    11. I have recieved a PM from Amaira Rose like she stated with tracking info, but I will not completely feel that this is resolved until I actually recieve my doll.

      I will update once my doll has arrived.
    12. Recieved my boy this morning, so this is officially resolved.
      Thanks to everyone that helped me out!
    13. Alewife ~ Have you received your doll?
    14. No, Amaira was unable to track it. She has given me a partial refund, and promised to refund the balance last week. I haven't seen the rest of the refund yet.
    15. The doll has been completely refunded, so the transaction is resolved. Thanks, Amaira!