paging Amaira Rose - RESOLVED

May 29, 2009

    1. Please contact me right away about the SD13 Volks boy body I paid for and you promised to mail a couple of times now for about 3-going-on-4 weeks now.
      I understand life can happen, but when you don't keep people informed as to what's goin on...they tend to think the worst after promises aren't followed through.
      At this point if shipping is such a huge difficulty for you and you haven't done it yet, please just refund the money to my paypal account.
    2. Amaira Rose was last on the forum 24MAY, she is now Being Paged. Are you aware she was Being Paged earlier this month, too?
    3. Yes. that page came after she already had all my payments for this body. The transaction went through paypal and I hate the thought of trying to resolve it there. I have sent her emails to her personal address also, but no response. She promised in a PM here to send the body out last week..but no word since then to confirm or relay the tracking number. She had promised to mail out the body on the previous week, but failed to do so, do to personal issues of some sort. I'm really at a loss here and I'm also tired of no communication.
    4. I'm sorry you had to wait so long and even have to page me. I have pm'd you.
    5. chinamoon ~ Any resolution on this transaction yet?
    6. The body has arrive safe and sound and all is well.