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paging amaranth - RESOLVED

May 15, 2008

    1. I'm trying to contact with amaranth but she doesn't reply my pm, is she ok? I'm a bit worried, I hope she is fine.
      The last pm I got for her was a week ago telling me that she has received my payment, but since that I've wrote 3 more pms and she didn't reply any of them although I see her conected in the forum everyday ^^;;

      I don't mind to wait, I'm a patient person, I only want to know if everything is ok. If for any reason she has changed her mind about selling me her Jinwoo o she has any problem I would understand it.

      Please Angela if you read this just let me know something.
      Thank you.
    2. Gothland ~ Please give us more details regarding what you paid for and when. Also, was the transaction in the DoA Marketplace?
    3. I had a WTB thread looking for a Souldoll Jinwoo head and amaranth offered me one.
      I sent two payments, one the 4th and other the 6th, the 9th amaranth send me a pm letting me know that she received the money, and that was the last pm I get from her.

      It only has passed a week but I don't know why Angela hasn't replied my last pms and I was a bit worried. I know she is a good seller so I only want to know if everything is ok or if there is any problem.

      Maybe I'm a bit excited to get Jinwoo soon because I've wanted to find him during a long time ^^;;
    4. I've contacted with her today!
      Everything is fine ^^