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Paging Amaranth - RESOLVED

Dec 30, 2010

    1. I hate to start these things but sometimes they're the best way to get a hold of someone. :|

      I would like for Amaranth to contact me whenever it is convenient for her, even if it's to say that she's currently busy, because something is better than nothing.

      In short, Amaranth joined my tenth Fairyland group order. There was a LOOONG wait, I got the items in, packaged them up and sent them out ASAP without waiting for all the shipping payments to come in because I didn't want to hold onto them for any longer than I had to. Packages were shipped on the 21st Amaranth's was delivered on the 23rd and the shipping invoices were sent to all participants on the 20th.

      It is now the 30th and it remains unpaid.

      I sent a PM three days ago, on the 27th, asking if the invoice had been received aaand though it was read nine minutes after it was sent, I didn't get a response. Since Amaranth was online earlier today, I now have the displeasure of starting a paging thread over something such a small matter.

      I know that sometimes timing is bad ( especially around the holidays when things tend to get hectic ) and things happen in life, but I would have liked some kind of communication here. I haven't even been notified of the arrival. I only know that it was delivered because I'd checked the tracking. *_*

      So, Amaranth... please get back to me when you can.

    2. amaranth was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Since Amaranth has not been on the forum since the 30th, I have not heard from her, nor has her shipping invoice been paid in spite of the emailed reminders sent via PayPal.
    4. As it's been a month now since I shipped this package and still have not received a shipping payment, I guess I'll just call it a loss and leave negative feedback. This thread can be closed, I suppose.
    5. Didn't even notice that they were online earlier today until a few moments ago. Oh well.
    6. Amaranth has contacted me and this thread can now be closed so that the 'Paging' status can be removed.
    7. Forbidden ~ Please explain how this was resolved.
    8. Okie-dokie.

      Amaranth contacted me via PM with an explanation and sent shipping payment. I refunded the shipping payment and sent a PM response informing them of such and we have been bouncing PMs back and forth since. It was unfortunate that this happened, but they understood and like myself was dealing with other things in life at the moment. That said, I'll be making a note in their feedback thread of this resolution.

      In short, shipping payment was sent, but was promptly refunded, as I wouldn't feel right accepting the payment at all.