Paging Amy - RESOLVED

Oct 26, 2008

    1. I contacted Amy on the 13th as I was interested in purchasing her Sou/Sui (from Rozen Maiden) eyes that was listed on the marketplace.

      We exchanged PMs a couple of times more to sort out shipping and such.On the 16th she gave me her paypal address and I paid promptly using my bf's paypal.

      A couple of days ago I was looking back at my PMs and I realised she hasn't sent me an email saying that she's shipped the item - which I'm used to getting from most sellers,and I do it myself because I believe it's just common courtesy as a part of a good transaction.

      So I went back on my bf's Paypal to make sure that I have indeed sent the payment and it wasn't there! o_o Which surprised me because I was *sure* that I have paid her,and have even PMed her saying so.

      (Fast forward to the next day) Paypal has managed to sort out whatever issue it was,and upon checking the date I have indeed paid her on the 16th.

      I have checked Amy's recent posts and it shows that her most recent one was on the 25th.I can't see the last time she was on though because she probably disabled that function.

      Anyway,I just want to hear back from you Amy if you're reading this,and I want to know what happened with the eyes.
    2. You should check her sales threads, I believe they say she's been out of town all weekend.
    3. I just replied back to you! I'm sorry I forgot to send a shipping confirmation, but I shipped them out earlier this week. I had a delay in shipping; my post office closed early on Saturday when I went to ship them the first time. So they are definitely on their way! I'm not really sure why it says I was on the board on the 25th, as I have been away from a PC all weekend!
    4. I've received a PM from Amy and this thread can now be locked. :)