Paging angelicfrizard - RESOLVED

Oct 13, 2009

    1. I bought a Head from her.
      Okay, I payed fot it and the last message I got was on 24.9.1009.
      I payed via Paypal and now I still have no answer and NO HEAD.
      The last thing she wrote me was, she would send the head out the next monday after the 24.9.2009 at least.
      Since then I only had contact to sanjikunsgirl who told me that angelicfrizard was 'busy'.
      Well, I really don't want to wait a month and since it will be three weeks on thursday I will write to paypal if they can give me my money back.
    2. I'd like to add that she was online on 1.10.2009 so she could have send me a message that she cannot send the head out yet.
    3. Right now I got my money back with a lose of 8€ for nothing.
      But I want this thread to be closed down.
      Thank you.