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Paging angelsecho - RESOLVED

Sep 15, 2008

    1. I don't really want to open this, but I have a problem transaction with angelsecho...

      At the end of may, I was looking for someone to help me order a Volks Irvin from the New York Dolpa and Angelsecho offered to help me, at no charge. I accepted(of course!)and at first everything went wonderful, I sent the money, she ordered the doll at the Dolpa, we waited for the doll to arrive..

      The 27th of July she pm'ed me that Irvin would arrive at her place the following day and asked me to send her my adress, which I did. I didn't receive a reply, but I assumed she got it. A few weeks later he still wasn't send, so I send her a message to ask what was up, but I received no reply. Later again-by now it had been a month since the arrival PM-I send her a message again and this time she replied to say that he had arrived safely, that she was busy and that he would be send 'next week or so'. That was two weeks ago, so now he has been with her for six weeks. Friday I send her a pm that if he wouldn't be send within the next few days, I would have to leave bad feedback. I've yet to receive a reply to that..

      I really don't want to leave bad feedback, as she did me a favour, but the doll cost me a lot of money(well over a thousand dollars, including shipping and such) and I just want him here by now. Right now, I'm still willing to believe she's genuinly busy and isn't trying to scam me, but that's not going to last forever either. If any of you know anything about her, or why she hasn't send the doll yet, or perhaps can contact her in a way that she will reply to, I'd be thrilled.

      Or, if you're reading this yourself, please reply and send the doll? Again, I understand you're busy but I've been quite patient to let you keep it for six weeks but since you said he'd be send 'next week' and didn't do it..well, just send it please. When he arrives here safely, I'll ask for this thread to be closed and I won't leave bad feedback. As long as you send him quickly.

      Thanks for reading, I hope this will be resolved quickly.
    2. Raouken ~ I'm very sorry to hear you've waited so long and patiently for your doll angelsecho was on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you Zagzagael! She has contacted me and the doll's going to be send today ^_^ I'd like to keep the thread until I receive him, but the Being Paged status isn't necessary anymore :)
    4. I received the doll last tuesday, and he is in perfect condition, everything is great :3 So this thread can be closed now ^_^