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Paging Angie2Insana - RESOLVED

Oct 25, 2008

    1. I purchased a Souldoll boy body from Angie (through a split with blackpaperbag) around the 13th of this month. She informed me that the body would be shipped out by Tuesday the 14th at the latest and she would get back to me with the tracking number. After not hearing back from her all week and the body not showing, I PM'd her on Friday (the 17th). She replied to me Saturday night/Sunday morning saying that she had been busy and that the body had been shipped that day and that she would get back to me with the tracking number as soon as her husband got home. I haven't heard from her since. She hasn't answered any PMs, since she hasn't been on DoA, or emails from either me or blackpaperbag and I still don't have the body.

      I really hope nothing is wrong with her, but even if she had lost internet access or had something horrible happen, the body should have already been here by now since it was supposed to have been mailed already.

      Has anyone heard from her at all lately? Her location is listed as Torrance, CA, so I know there are plenty of other collectors in the area and am hoping someone might be able to contact her for us.

      She has plenty of really great feedback that says she ships quickly and replies in a timely manner, so this really seems very out of character for her. If anyone can help me get in contact with her, I would greatly appreciate it.
    2. I would just like to support everything that Akari has said in the first post. I received the PM on sat/sun as well stating that my part of the split (head + items) had shipped, but I didn't receive a tracking number either, and since then have not received any contact from her.

      I too am surprised at recent events, since her feedback thus far has been stellar.
    3. I have messaged her husband on myspace, as it was his paypal account the payments were sent to, in the hopes that it will force angie to at least reply to us :( If anyone has had transactions with her in the past and has any contact details like a return address, it would be greatly helpful.
    4. :( hello guys, i want to come here to say how horridly sorry I am for this happening.... there have been some pretty bad things going on, it also caused me to completely shut myself off from everything. Yes, it is completely out of my character. I cannot express how sorry i am for all this unecessary hell from happening, i'm so saddened that counting on the 1 person to do something that was the most important thing to me just shrug it off like it didnt matter and wasnt a big deal while I was away. I feel so embarassed!! and its breaking my heart..... This should have "Never, Ever" happened!

      i have no idea if my husband contacted u back on his myspace, he never mentioned nothing about it to me, unbelievable....

      The tracking number will be provided for the US address, and the Singapore one, Im not 100% sure if there is tracking for the Singapore one, but there is a custom forms number, I can give? like I always have when shipping overseas. is that good enough? it would be there within 5-7 days.

      Please let me know your thoughts. Its very late now, I need to sleep, but I will be back with tracking numbers and custom form number for both of you in the late afternoon!
    5. Angie, I would appreciate some direct communication from you. I've sent you several PMs and emails, all still unanswered. I'm very glad that you're back and are taking responsibility and posting here, and I do hope that you are doing better, but I'd like it if you would PM or email me back so we can discuss this.
    6. update: I received a PM from Angie and am in the process of discussing this matter~
    7. another update: I have received a tracking number for USPS shipping, and it should arrive soon :) I will update again when it arrives~ Angie appears to be trying to resolve this matter quickly and well.
    8. I have my tracking number as well. Angie does seem to be sincerely trying to work this out.
    9. The body still hasn't arrived and the tracking number isn't telling me anything other than something was mailed on the 28th. It was the 27th when she PM'd me to say it was already mailed. I don't know if this was a postal hiccup, or if she's jerking me around again, but I'm getting very fed up with this. If Angie can't provide me with proof of shipment by tomorrow, we'll be escalating the Paypal claim.
    10. its going to arrive and please!! stop harassing me. Im going through enough!! right now. I would NEver, Ever!! would anything bad to anyone especially here on DoA my gawd.... i am not that kind of person or would ever, ever! be. Dont make me look like a bad person here, because I'm the least person here on DoA that anyone would have to worry or panic about, but since you cant seem to understand whats going on, well I guess I'm finished here, because unfortunately, I know what happens once someone starts adding fuel to the fire, it taints people here. But I will not let it finish like this..... I know that "I'm Not A Bad Person Here", and will let it be known.

      Please cancel this dispute before my life gets more worse than it already is!

      I will keep posting here till the body and the *extras* are received. I'm not running or hiding anywhere, I have nothing to hide or worry about, please believe me.

      (Sorry for everyone that is reading this, but I must also protect myself... and will not allow to be made like i'm some kind of uncaring or thoughtless human being.)
    11. and i'm not jerking you around! why in the world! would I do that to you? thats so ridiculous!
    12. I've already said everything I needed to say to Angie in PM, but just to sum up.

      Making my intentions clear on what the next step in this process is is not "threatening".

      PMing her once every few days to ask where the body is, and keeping this thread up to date with what's going on is not "harassment". I have every right to be upset that I don't have the body yet, and at Angie's lack of communication and honesty, and I have every right to protect myself.

      I only asked for proof of shipment, which I have yet to receive. If Angie has already mailed the body like she said she has, then she has no reason to get upset. She could have simply showed me the proof and I would be fine with that and continue to wait.

      Also, Angie, the only thing that can "ruin" you here are your own actions. I am only placing the facts of the transaction in this thread. I'm not adding any fuel to the fire. The way you handle this will reflect on how the rest of DoA sees you. They're all intelligent people, they can read the facts and make their own decisions on if they want to do business with you in the future.

      If you come through here, and I get my body and blackpaperbag gets her head, you will have proven yourself to be honest and trustworthy. One bad transaction thread is not the end of the world.
    13. I'm sorry Angie, but Akari is right... we can't cancel the dispute until the items have been received, though I would like to believe that the items will arrive soon, in which case we will be happy to cancel the dispute once they show up. Like Akari says, there is nothing to worry about, if you know you sent them. I'm sorry if you feel we are trying to make you out as a nasty person, if anything we have said that you have been nice and trying sincerely to fix things.

      Also, escalating to the paypal claim just means that if within the time they take to decide the claim in our favour, the packages still haven't arrived, we'll get a refund. Should the package turn up after our refund, we are honest and will send the money back to you, so either way things will work out with everyone getting what they are owed.
    14. your package is in Singapore right now, "unclaimed". Could you please go and get it, Its already there.

      Akari's body should be with her either tommorow or the next. Her body was mailed regular post, thats why its taking a bit longer then the usual only 3-4 days in USA. She will have to sign for it.

      Just want you guys to get your items, so we can end the dispute a.s.a.p please.
    15. I don't know why it's unclaimed, because my grandma is at home everyday and there hasn't been a slip left or anything, but we have contacted the post office... Hopefully this is settled soon.
    16. lordy have mercy on my soul...... *takes 2 valiums* oh brother..... puts *hands on her head*...

      Akari: your package is going to be with you very soon.
    17. Angie has outright refused to scan the postage/insurance receipts for days now. She seems to think this is a ridiculous request for some reason and just won't do it. I'm sorry if I can't be reassured that my package will arrive if she won't give me any proof it's even been mailed, and a package has apparently reached Singapore quicker than it has gotten across the country.

    18. "I Dont Have" a scanner! please quit bothering me. I dont know what those are? yes i actually dont know. You are outright annoying the heck out of me as of now. I have Never, Ever had anyone ask me to scan receipts like you. This has all become freaking ridiculous and frankly I dont care anymore what you think of me, really. You are purposely pushing and pushing! and making this into a big 3 ring circus for the entire DoA, well you suceeded very well in doing that.

      I dont have any desire to to keep a body, that would consider me a thief and a liar. Why would I want to do something so stupid like that? you are making look like this horrible bad person thats trying to scam you, you know "How Bad That Is Hurting Me Right Now", cant believe this...
    19. Enough.

      Any posts from here on out that don't directly relate to arrival or reporting of tracking on these items will be deleted.

      Thank you.
    20. update: My package arrived, with a bunch of extras thrown in. On my part at least, I am satisfied and consider this transaction's issues resolved :) Thanks, Angie. I said right from the beginning that I didn't think you were out to scam us, and never once have I thought you were a bad person, I believe I have tried to be nice to you throughout and I don't hold this against you, I hope you think the same way of me.

      Unfortunately, I still cannot close the paypal dispute at this moment. Until Akari receives her body and gives me the okay, I am obligated to keep it open on her behalf for her part of the transaction (as I forwarded the money from both of us to Angie).