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Paging angoscioso_bird - RESOLVED

Aug 19, 2009

    1. I'm looking for angoscioso_bird, I'm still waiting for a tracking number for the Hikaru Genji head I bought from her/paid for July 31st. I was asked to pay via Paypal using Personal Payment, and I did so.

      That same day she told me she would get back to me by Monday, August 3 with an update on shipping/tracking number.

      I PMed her once on August 6th and another time August 10th for an update on tracking.

      She replied August 10 saying he was shipped out on August 5 via EMS, but I still had no tracking number.

      Customs stopped the package on August 10 because it had no contact number. I was informed of this August 13 and sent her my cellphone number the same day to get the package moving again while expecting a tracking number.

      I've since PMed her on August 16, and up to now I've received no tracking number.

      I mean no ill-will, I would just like an update. Thanks~
    2. angoscioso_bird was last on the forum 16AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Still haven't heard anything from that last PM. Stupidly I forgot to put a read-receipt on it as well. I'll be trying again today.
    4. My last PM wasn't read and I haven't gotten a response on her PP email. Has she still not been online?
    5. Still no replies. I'm looking forward to a refund, but with no ability to make a claim, there's probably nothing I can do.
    6. It's getting closer to the full month mark when I first started dealing with angoscioso_bird, and still no reply. She's been active on Taobao every day and I've had no luck finding help trying to contact her through there.
    7. C': Some kind people managed to contact her for me and I've gotten a hold of a different email address. Things are still a little odd, but I think I can say I'm finally coming close to a resolution.
    8. Emailed a tracking number, will update when package arrives.
    9. angoscioso_bird wasn't able to access her internet properly due to an earthquake in China that messed with the country's internet connections.

      Issues with the post aside, Genji arrived to me today perfectly fine. :] So I'd like to consider this resolved.