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Paging Anime_Crazed - RESOLVED

Sep 6, 2009

    1. hello! I bought a wig from anime_crazed, I sent the payment already and she received it for some time. just I haven't heard from her since August 28 D:

      she had told me of a personal issue that occurred and I understand that she needed some time to ship the wig. but she told me she would ship out by monday, and it's saturday today and still no reply from her =( just abit worried!

      if anybody who knows her, could contact her, would be awesome D:

      I hope she's fine ! just want to know when she'll ship out my wig
    2. This member was last on the forum 3SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    3. still nothing =\ I sent her a email yesterday, to see if she'll reply.

      anybody who know her personally, please contact me!
    4. Hello! I am very, very sorry. I was sick with the flu all last week and was out of town this weekend again for family matters. My husband was supposed to ship it for me but did not. I will ship it tomorrow myself. I will be putting my sales threads on hold until things are better. For everyone who has inquired about a sales item, I am very sorry but I will not be able to handle any transactions at this time.

      Thank you all for your patience.

    5. received the wig from anime_crazed!!! ^_^ everything is resolved =) !!