Paging Anji - RESOLVED

Sep 3, 2010

    1. This is nothing bad, I just need to get in contact with Anji. I sent two PMs and an email to her but there were no reply >w<

      I bought a pair of MNF hands from Anji in early June and I still havent received them. Initially, after a month of waiting for the hands, I got worried and so PM'd her asking why the hands havent arrived after so long. She replied that she'll check for me.

      Turns out the hands had been held at her customs for over a month. After a few days, she said she had sent them out again. Then almost a month later, she PM'd me saying the hands were stuck in customs and should be arriving to me soon. That was almost 2weeks ago and the last I had heard from her.

      Now, I really need to get in contact with her and discuss how to resolve this, since it's already 3 months+ and this transaction is still not over :/
    2. Anji was last on the forum 23AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Anji doesn't have her own internet access, at the moment, she's been having to use public internet and (for some reason) cannot access DoA, Etsy, or her e-mail. She was able to get on her LiveJournal, so maybe you can reach her there? Here is her most recent LJ post, explaining a few things.

      Mods, I am not involved in this transaction, but I did recently finish a long (3 month) transaction with Anji and thought that it might be best to post this information in the paging thread since it is a possible way to contact her. I hope that is okay, and I apologize if it isn't. ^^;
    4. LDM Awesome! I'll try contacting her via her LJ. Thank you very much for the info!
    5. I got the hands today. Actually a slip was sent to my cousin's house[where all my stuffs get sent to] and it stayed there for almost a month without anyone telling me about it till today. So I went to the post office and took the hands home. So this can be close!