Unresolved Paging Ann14747

Nov 10, 2008

    1. I've emailed and PMed to no avail, so I thought perhaps a paging thread might catch Ann's attention.

      In mid-December of last year I contacted Ann regarding a commission for two sweaters for my Elfdoll--I had failed miserably at learning to knit and I had a big knot, some bent needles, and a few skeins of lace-weight baby alpaca fiber. She agreed to turn my skeins into something more garment-like, and we worked out a partial trade--I agreed to make her a Spencer jacket for her SD16 in return for the sweaters and we tentatively agreed to sort out payment once we figured out if either of us ended up exerting herself more, but I knew that sweaters are more intense than jackets and figured that I'd be compensating Ann for the difference.

      I mailed her my yarn and a copy of the pattern I'd been working from in off-white (pattern from FDQ)--but we decided that my pink yarn should be more like the sweaters she does by commission often, with the shawl collar.

      A while later (maybe a month?) she mailed me the bit of vintage fabric she wanted the jacket made from, as it was a very specific shade of blue-green, along with reference images of Spencer jackets she particularly liked, some of the sweaters she'd made for SD16s, and some gauge tests for the off-white sweater in rib knit and the pink sweater in cable knit. I was pretty thrilled. I took photos for her of the sweaters she mailed me, so that she could see how her SD16 sweater pattern would need to modified for my Elfdoll (mostly just the shoulders taken in a lot). I uploaded those photos, and all the images of the spencer jacket in progress to my Flickr account, here: http://flickr.com/photos/norselordspanishlady/sets/72157608810559792/

      We both worked fairly slowly-I had graduate school constantly sucking my time, and the yarn I'd mailed her was a much finer weight than she was used to, so she was having to make modifications as she went.

      In any event, this past summer I finished the Spencer Jacket and sent her some preview photos. This was her last note to me, from June 2, 2008:

      My inbox got pretty full, and I went on a little deletion rampage in my outbox, but I'm fairly certain I replied at least twice to confirm her address had not changed so that I could mail her sweaters back along with her new jacket. I told her that I had no intention of taking free sweaters, especially considering how much trouble they were giving her, and I even inquired about purchasing one of the two sweaters she had sent as a trial run because it was nearly a perfect fit and looked great on my girl. I also suggested we stick to the original trade arrangement rather than her paying me and then me having to turn around and give the money back when she finished, but gave her a ballpark estimate of the labor+materials charges for the jacket in case she insisted on paying.

      I never heard back from her after those couple of PMs in the late summer and I didn't want to be pushy. So I waited a bit, and then I got distracted by post-graduation job searches and moving. On Oct. 18th, I PMed (and emailed copies of my PMs) asking for an update, and an address to return her items:

      I really want to follow through on my end and mail her the jacket she commissioned and all of the materials she mailed me in preparation of the sweaters I commissioned. I've found someone else, though, to make me the sweaters, and at this point, I'd very much like to just get my yarn back so that I don't have to purchase more yarn for the project.

      I really don't want to be a bother, but it'll have been almost a year since we first made arrangements and I'd like to get this sorted out. I feel bad holding on to items that rightfully belong to her--I would gladly pay for the black trial sweater if she'd give me a price and an address at which to direct payment, but I do not have an SD16 and cannot use her commissioned jacket or the lavender trial run she mailed. I spent hours on the jacket, but I do not want to treat it as an abandoned commission and sell it elsewhere without trying all avenues to get in touch with her.

      At first I thought she had maybe fallen ill or left the hobby, but she has logged in to DOA multiple times since my PM and email on Oct 18, and I've still not recieved a reply. I hope that she is okay and that my PMs aren't being eaten by the internet. If anyone knows Ann14747, could you please let her know I'm trying to reach her?