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Paging Annafu - RESOLVED

Oct 4, 2009

    1. I've sent my doll's head and forearms to her for a faceup and tattoos, she's had him for two months with minimal communications. I've been trying to contact her for a while, but I haven't gotten any responses. I would like him back, done or not. Thanks.
    2. Annafu was last on the forum this morning. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I commissioned work on two dolls from Annafu at the end of June. I sent my dolls to her at the end of June with the assurance that they would be returned to me by the middle of August. That time passed and I got a PM from her saying that there had been some trouble at work and she had been working extra shifts and so she had not finished. She told me that they would definitely be done and back before the end of September. It is now a little into October and I have had no contact with her since the beginning of September. I've sent PMs regularly since the last week of September, and a few e-mails also. She hasn't responded to any of these, yet I can see on her profile that she has been logging on daily. Three months is too long, and a month and a half past the "due date" is unacceptable.
      In my most recent messages, I have asked her to send my dolls back with the work uncompleted, at this point I don't care.
    4. Annafu was last on the forum this morning. I've merged the two Paging threads for this member. Please update with resolution!
    5. I have gotten in touch with her roommate
    6. I have established regular contact with her room mate. She has been informing Annafu of this thread and that she needs to respond, but so far nothing from Annafu her self.
    7. I talked with Annafu on AIM this evening. She says she is packing everything up tomorrow and shipping them all back on monday, done or not. I have asked her to send me an email or to have her room mate email me once they are sent.
    8. I got one of my dolls back today, the other one should be on its way.
    9. I got my Doll back yesterday
    10. I got my other back today. As far as I am concerned, this is resolved.