Unresolved Paging anneguish - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jan 21, 2006

    1. I really would like it if you responded to my emails. According to your DoA account, you haven't been on since the 17th, but please email me.

      Once again, PLEASE email me because this is REALLY IMPORTANT.
    2. Oh no, I hope everything is ok, I'm near the end of a layaway with her, I have one final payment to send her soon but now I'm worried...

      Hope everything's ok...
    3. Doesn't look good, and I didn't just buy eyes or dice either....I really do hope it's just a case of her not feeling well or something, I can't afford to lose this money I've spent so far...but she seems like such a caring honest person...
    4. *hugs*
      I hope everything works out for you and I do hope it's just a case of her just being ill or without internet or something (though, I spent a year completely bedbound thanks to my M.E. and still managed to honour sales on eBay so I don't think that's a particularly good excuse)
    5. Yup. She emailed me on Monday and I haven't heard anything since. Sure it's only been a few days, but... I've been doing this for almost 2 months now. ._.
    6. Don't worry, I know how frustrating it can get, it's happened to me with a few people, but everything worked out in the end....

      Sorry to hear about that, my boyfriend's mother has M.E, diabetes, and a butt load of other crap wrong with her, and she sleeps most of the day, so although I don't have it, I know isnt (i put is before :( ) easy to deal with...
    7. anneguish was last on DOA 01-12-2006, 06:18 PM where she made a post:

      but did not answer a single one of her many many pm's or emails...I know cause I have sent her atleast 15 pm's and 3 emails since the end of december and she has not contacted me at all...I paid her a month ago and have not recieved what I paid for nor Have I recieved a refund for failure to send out purchase.
    8. I guess this is looking really bad.

      I've already sent her $4000 and I have another $200 to go...I can't claim for the $400 back since I sent it a few months ago and I don't really want my money back anyway, I just want my Vampire Lishe.

      I know I haven't finished paying yet, but if she has just disappeared I'm wondering if there's any point in paying the final amount now...or whether I can kiss my $400 goodbye.

      I really don't want to think badly of her, but she was last online (meaning she signed on to DOA) on the 17th, and replied to someone's email on that date, so why she hasn't responded to your emails/PMs is strange...

      Please anneguish if you read this get in touch! I want to give Lillith a good home and want to make sure you haven't decided to leave and not send people's items out....I bought Lillith in good faith knowing you needed the money and I really don't want to think you are scamming people :(

      EDIT: if she doesn't reply to the email I sent by the 23rd I'll at least be able to claim $200 back, then if she responds and apologises I will send the money back to her as well as the rest of the payment.

      However I'll still be down $200. I really don't want to claim though as she said the money was for medical bills and her parents/mother used her credit card to pay for it....

      EDIT2: Also guys, try her other emails, like armandthebloody@aol.com
    9. I havn't seen her on AIM lately, either.
    10. I just hope it's due to her not being able to get online than her running off with the money :( I don't think she'd do that after making herself known in the community...
    11. My experience with her was exactly the same!

      I bought a Unoss from her last year, and it took her awhile to send her... she finally came, but was missing her eye mechanism.

      She put me off and put me off (months pass) I send her 5.00 for postage for it.... still no eye mech.

      She tells me all kinds of tales of woe.... similar to the quoted one above

      I still have never received the eye mech!!

      Eventually I found one on ebay, and told her not to worry about it, but I will never again deal with her...

    12. Ouch...

      I know everyone's pretty upset about the whole deal but she did say that she's goin through some hard times now.

      She's not goin to run off with your money, she's not like that.

      Just give her sometime, I'm sure you all have gone through hard times that have prevented you from doing things important for other people, but as said before she'd goin through some personal problems at the moment.
      Dont make her feel any worse than she already does please.
    13. Please don't take this the wrong way but do you know Anneguish personally? It's just that a lot of people who have sent her money don't and after hearing about scam after scam here, it's hard to be quite so forgiving. (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here by assuming that you know her and you're not just randomly sticking your nose in)

      Also, it's not as if the transactions occured last week, some of the things with the doll layaways have been going on for months and the transaction I'm involved in has dragged out for a month with no contact from her whatsoever.

      I know you want to stick up for your friend which is very admirable but please remember that there are other people involved who have invested a lot of money (in some cases) and have every right to be worried.
    14. Originally Posted by RenHikaru

      I know everyone's pretty upset about the whole deal but she did say that she's goin through some hard times now.

      She's not goin to run off with your money, she's not like that.

      Just give her sometime, I'm sure you all have gone through hard times that have prevented you from doing things important for other people, but as said before she'd goin through some personal problems at the moment.
      Dont make her feel any worse than she already does please.

      Er No, I'm 34 and have never done anything that let anyone down and believe me yes, i have known hard times both finantially and medically (I have just had to receive treatment to prevent me going blind in one eye and posted a doll as promised enroute to the hospital) I am not trying to be "holyier than thou" or say i'm perfect but No i can honestly say i've always done what i've said i will do :yawn
    15. OKAY. look.

      I KNOW Anneguish personally. I've met her, I've talked with her.

      We don't exactly get along, but I WILL vouch for her. She's NOT a dishonest person. She's a little overactive and silly, but NOT dishonest. She's just a young girl who probably got way in over her head with school and problems at home and she's just busy.

      If you or someone has a doll on layaway that's taken months, I assure you if you haven't paid it off, it's on the back of her mind. I've had people that take weeks to mail me all their money and then get pissed at me because I don't ship immeadiately. You get what you give in the end - I'm not pointing at all of you, but if you just finished paying, give her some time, some people are NOT quick shippers and you just have to accept that.

      Guys I know we've had scams and such, but sometimes PMs don't make it and sometimes emails don't get replied to. One of my best friends hasn't replied to an email I sent almost 3 weeks ago and she's been online repeatedly. It happens sometimes.

      Let's quit crying potential scam, this girl's history of shipping and selling isn't up for disection and all this discussion is doing is dragging her damn name through the mud, and until she's proven guilty as a scammer, we don't walk all over it like this. Just be patient please. I will see if I can get in contact with some people down in Norfolk, see if someone can give her a call.
    16. I just called her and I saw her last weekend. She's been comming off bipolar medication and anyone who's got through medication withdrawl knows it's not fun. She hasn't forgotten about you guys and she will get the stuff out to you or refund your money (if requested) as soon as she can get back. To the person buying the vampire lishe: she definately hasn't forgotten about you and hasn't run off with your money, i'd personally beat her up for you if she did ^_~ She says she hasn't gotten an email from you but she'll try to email you soon, you might want to drop her another one. I don't know anything about the Unoss eye mechanism, I forgot to ask O_o

      She knows it's no excuse and understands that your angry. She doesn't expect anyone to forgive her for it or to not be angry just because she's having a hard time but all refunds or items will be given where applicable if needed when she's ok again. She feels horrible for making you all wait.
    17. ^^; I personally know RenHikaru and she's a sweet and Kind person. all she was doing was trying to stick up for someone she knows...I'm sure anyone else who knows anneguish would do the same....

      I'm sure Ren is jsut trying to put people at ease by saying that anneguish is not a Theif...

      I'm angered by what anneguish has done over the past couple of months (I"m one of the few she's neglected to send stuff/Neglected to refund money/and Neglected to contact) so I know how everyone feels...

      I will not look down on, be angry with or criticize anyone trying to stick up for anneguish. as this should not turn into a flame fest...^^;
    18. I'm not sticking up for her, I'm putting myself in the position of go-between untill she's back on. If there is anyone else who wants me to tell her something specifically, please PM me and I'll give her another call this week. I do not live in the same city, but I do see her occationally.
    19. Thank you so much for contacting me, please give her my regards, and I hope my messages weren't taken the wrong way.

      I understand I haven't finished my layaway, which is MY fault not hers, I know this, and I'm not stating "she hasn't delivered my items so I'm annoyed!" because I have no right to be, but I am going to get the rest of the money soon to her and wanted to make sure everything was OK to send it.

      I do not believe for one minute she's a scammer, as she's told me about recent hard times, I'm sorry for being worried about it, it was selfish of me to worry when she is not feeling well! I hope she gets better soon and I apologise for just worrying about my money!

      I hope she can forgive me and not take my comments to be slander because I honestly think and still do believe she is a nice caring person! ^_^