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Paging anyone else who was ripped off by SoleilCamui

Aug 17, 2006

    1. Back in March, my roommates and I purchased an already made outfit from her along with an outfit commission. Both were promptly paid for and it was agreed to just wait for the commission piece to be finished and have both sent together. A month later she was contacted and told it would be finished soon. More time passes, the last I heard from her was in May where she indicated that several bad things had happened and was apologetic and we were promised the items in a week. That never happened. I've kept an eye on the thread, we've emailed her several times and PMed with no response. No public notice was ever made asking for those to step forward for refunds.

      Recently, I got in contact with someone who had managed to get a response from her in regards to items not recieved. Apparently she's been active online at deviantart and has enough time with her horrible life to draw, but not honour her business obligations. This was her response about refunding people their money...

      If she had the money, she should have gotten ahold of people and refunded it, or even better, not spent it. She was contacted several times through email and PM and we never heard any word from her, and it is quite obvious she does not care that she has ripped us off for $100.

      If anyone else has had the same thing occur, we are definitely looking into filing a claim against her.
    2. Wow, how rude of her! I can't believe that she is THAT rude about the whole thing. I wonder how she'd rwact if she got ripped off by someone.