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Paging aserett - RESOLVED

Jan 17, 2010

    1. Aserett organised the Abadon split I joined, and at first everything went fine. She did a layaway and informed of payments, told us when the doll shipped and sent us photos of the box opening when it arrived (on December 24th). The doll's crown/helm was broken, and she told us she was going to contact Luts about it. I half expected to get a shipping quote, but because of the holidays I was loathe to PM her about it.

      Since then there has been no communication. I've sent her two PMs, and I know she didn't read the second because I put a read receipt on it.

      I DON'T think she's trying to scam us or anything like that, I'd just really like to know if something's happened to her as it's been over 3 weeks now with no news and I'm beginning to worry, both about the split and about her, because she seemed so reliable.

      If someone knows anything about aserett, please let me know!
    2. aserett was last on the forum 14JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you! I will.
    4. Another member of the split and I have both emailed her, just in case. I really hope this can be resolved!
    5. So did I, but still no reply.
    6. My email to Aserett :sweat

      Could you please let us know what is going on with the Abadon order! I'm at the point where I don't even care if you're scamming me, just let me know I should give up on that money/those parts! This is really adding to my anxiety!

      Her response

      I'm really very sorry for the delay. I know it's irresponsible of me now for delaying the whole thing. At first I wanted to ship out the item after the first week of January so that it doesn't get affected by all the rush in sending out New Year mail, but suddenly I'm currently having a lot of family problems, and it's been getting very difficult for me to ship out your stuff. I know this is no proper excuse to delay the shipment for so long, and I should have at least tried to keep contact with you all about this. I'm really sorry for all of this trouble ><

      It's hard for me to come online right now, so if it's possible, could you help me pass this whole message to the others?

      For the coronet, I've been told that if I were to smash it and send Luts a picture, I would receive a replacement. I've already smashed it and am waiting for the replacement.

      As for everyone else, your items have been packed and ready to ship by tomorrow (Post Office is closed on Sundays). I will take pictures of proof, and pass you all the tracking numbers.

      As for shipping costs, I'm not charging anything because of all this delay. I really feel very bad for all of this, especially since you all have been waiting for so long, and this is no small sum.

      I'm really very sorry.

    7. Have you heard from her, catw07? I know I haven't, and neither has ElectricMauve.
    8. no word yet guys. sorry :(
    9. Hi guys, I replied in the original split thread but just posting here again to let you all know. Please rest assured that your items will be shipped latest by the end of next week. :)
    10. It is a relief for someone to vouch for her, but please understand that if she says "I'll ship on Monday" and once again disappears, it's not helping her case. I've had loads of family problems, I can relate and understand, but a split with stuff that's other people's should be a pressing concern and something to be taken care of regardless of personal situations.

      I will give her another week, but please poke her and make her get her act together. I hope her family problems will be over soon.
    11. She indeed sent the items (at least mine) last week. The tracking number wasn't working for me, but now it does and it should arrive tomorrow or the day after.
    12. Aserett has sent the package and provided me with the tracking number. I will update this thread as soon as it arrives.
    13. Got everything but part of the coronet today
    14. I got my stuff today, so my part in this is resolved.
    15. Sorry for the delay, but my package has been stuck in customs for a month. I received it today, and everything went OK.
      Aserett was kind enough to bear the full cost of the shipping, so my part in this thread is fully resolved now. Thank you so much!