Paging ashai - RESOLVED

Apr 2, 2010

    1. This isn't a bad transaction thread, I just can't seem to get a hold of ashai through here on DoA or through the email she had provided me.

      She is a participant in my Soom Afi split for his outfit and our package arrived to me 3.16, I last contacted her about having her outfit shipped to her 3.18. I've been busy with exams all up until this week but she has not been online since 3.14 and I tried to email her but got no response.

      If anyone knows any other way for me to contact her, please let me know!
    2. ashai was last on the forum 13MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi Devil! You're in my exact situation!
      I'm from Italy and Ashai joined my Ai split on the italian forum... but she disappeared -_-"
      I contected her on ebay, forumfree, forumcommunity, deviantart but she didn't answer me.
      I'm really disappointed and a little worried, the last visit on italian forum was on 14th March!
      She bought my Ai blushed hooves, Ai tail, Ai wig and a pair of eyes.
      Soom shipped the package on 17th March and It arrived on 23th March, she had my beyla hooves so It's REALLY important for me found her.
      If someone on DoA have her address or her telephone number or her complete name (name+surname) or her paypal address please send me a MP.
      I'm italian as her but nobody on italian forum have her address, only with the address or her Surname If I'm lucky I can find her home telephone nr.
      As I can speak her language maybe I can help also Devil.
    4. LadyHimiko provided me with her actual email adress (the previous one I had used was her mother's or something to that effect) and I sent an email off yesterday. No response from either yet.
    5. Just to update, ashai has been in contact with Lady Himiko via mobile phone and has not had internet access as of late to get in contact with me. When she does, I'll update this thread with resolution.
    6. ashai got in contact with me late last night and I've given her her shipping options. I'll be shipping her part of the split out as soon as I get payment and consider this resolved on my end when I finally do.
    7. I shipped out ashai's part of the split sometime ago now and she just got back to me about finally receiving the items. 8) This can be resolved for me.
    8. Thank you Devil's Trill. LadyHimiko ~ has this been resolved for you?
    9. Yes, It's all ok.
      thank you.