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Resolved Paging Astarvingartist - RESOLVED

May 16, 2012

    1. I bought a Soom Teschen outfit from Astarvingartist back in August 2011 last year and paid for it and its shipping. I understand she was due to move 2 and a half weeks later and the item was packed away, so she would ship upon arrival in her new home.

      Sadly, we have been in contact a few times over this with numerous promises to ship it, and the last message I had back from her was 02-24-2012 and since then I have had no contact despite 2 further messages. I have requested either the outfit or the money to be returned as I feel I have been more than patient.
    2. Astarvingartist as last on the forum 29FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I am also trying to get a hold of Astarvingartist as she commissioned me for work but has not answered any of my PMs or anything. I am a bit worried...
    4. Still no response from emailing her through DoA.... I'm wondering if I should try through someone I know who has contact... I just don't want to harass the innocent peep in the middle of it all.
    5. Recieved a refund in full today! Dispute resolved! :)
    6. I have gotten no response or email from astarvingartist... I will give her one more week to reply before I take her off my list and post flakey feedback, since I heard she has been active on another forum.
    7. Astarvingartist has contacted me today ^_^ She is still honoring our agreement and going through with the commission so this is resolved for me. Thank you!~