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Paging Audrey - RESOLVED

May 25, 2009

    1. Mods....if its wrong of me to do this etc etc then please feel free to take this down

      Anyways, I sent out my Soulkid Miryu to Audrey who runs the commision service Love You Madly. My doll was sent out for a mani/pedi and a restring. This was paid for, and the doll arrived around 3-06-09 (I'm guessing, since Audrey never notified me saying that she arrived safely).

      On 3-31, I got a message saying this
      Shipping was sent, but there was an error in the transaction somewhere and it did not go through. I wasn't aware that the moey had not been recieved, so I assumed that my girl was being shipped out. I was never notified that funds weren't recieved.

      Some time passed, and I did not hear from her. I tried to give her benefit of the doubt, since there could have been a family emergency or something like that.

      She sent me a message earlier in the month, around 5-10.(I cleared my inbox accidentaly and no longer have it)
      I re-sent the shipping fund of 12 dollars, and was told that my doll would be shipped on Monday, May 11th. It is now May 25th and she has not logged on for almost two weeks!
      I am getting very concerned here. I just want my girl back, since its been since March since I last saw her. I miss her very much:(
      And to Audrey, I am sorry it had to go to this. I am very concerned that I don't have her back by now, and I would love to work this out and get her back. I'm sure her nails turned out beautifully.
    2. Audrey was last on the forum 13MAY, she is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. UPDATE:
      I recieved my girl in the mail today.
      She was in perfect condition, and was packaged well.
      Thank you Audrey, for sending her! I guess there was a bad internet connection or something, since keeping in contact was hard.
      Since I have my doll back, this thread is resolved :)