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Paging Avenger - RESOLVED

Jul 15, 2010

    1. I made my first of four agreed on payments for Avenger's Cian on 5/15/10 ($212). At that time I requested that I be sent a photo of Cian in a dark wig because I was anxious to see how he would look in similar fashion to the personality I was planning for him. I was told that as soon as Van was back in the states in June, that wouldn't be a problem.

      I made my second $200 payment on 6/13/10, and again mentioned the pic I had requested. I was thanked for the payment and told the pic would be on its way soon.

      I've emailed and PM'd Avenger, and have also posted in her DoA sale thread (which she hasn't bumped in nearly a week), and I'm poised to send my third payment for Cian, but I'm admittedly getting a little paranoid, especially since I still haven't been provided the pic I've repeatedly asked for. It's now been 18 days since I've heard anything from Avenger/Van at all.

      She has very positive feedback, and I hate feeling like I'm maybe jumping the gun here, but I've been BJD-burned twice before, so I'm probably a little gun shy.

      Does anyone know if maybe there's something keeping Avenger from her sales just now?

      It just seems like 18 days is a little long to be out of touch ... or am I just being too unrealistic?

    2. Avenger was last on the forum 12JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Emailed again, PM'd again, but still no word. It's really unfortunate, but since I only have 45 days from the last transaction to file a PayPal dispute, at this point I'm giving Avenger one last chance to get in touch with me. If I don't hear from her by the end of this weekend, I'll be forced to file a dispute.

      I'd really rather mend fences and have the doll, but if that can't happen, I really hope she does the honorable thing and refunds both transactions totalling $412.

      I guess I just have to wait and see how it all plays out. :(
    4. i'll see if i can tag her on facebook or by phone. (i know Avenger personally.) i will also point her to this thread.
    5. Thanks, hon, I really appreciate that! :)
    6. Just wanted to let everyone know that I've heard from Avenger, and the issue has been resolved. Thanks again, para_chan, for getting in touch with her! :)

    7. anytime! i'm glad this was resolved for you both, and i'm sure you'll enjoy the Cian!