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paging aves - RESOLVED

May 27, 2009

    1. this isn't a negative thread, i just need to get ahold of aves.

      they commissioned some wigs from me (they haven't been paid for yet, but have been finished for several weeks now as we were talking about possibly adding to the order)

      but now i just want to mail the wigs to them and need their address to send them off since my shop is now closed.

      i've tried pm'ing aves, but i haven't heard back from them... the last time i pm'ed was on the 23rd. the last time time i heard from them was around the 7th.

      if any one can get ahold of aves for me that would be great :sweat
    2. Aves was last on the forum 22May. She is now Being Paged, please keep this updated.
    3. I'm here! I'm here! Internet issue now fixed!
    4. i've heard back from aves so this can be resolved ^^