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Paging Ayase - RESOLVED

Oct 2, 2008

    1. I purchased and paid for SD13 Boy MuseDoll Layered Hoody from Ayase on 30.8.2008

      However item has not arrived , and i am still waiting!

      I paid for item to be sent via priority mail , its october now.... :|

      I would like to get this sorted out asap , im not happy seeing $71.45 aus going down the drain :vein
    2. Ayase is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum this evening. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I have had a similar problem with Ayase. On 6-20, I sent her $300 USD for my part in a Miyu split from Fairyland. My payment consisted of $258 for the MNF girl body, $25 for a pukisha set, and $17 for shipping.

      The only time I have received updates on this order from Ayase has been when I have requested them. On 7-22, I asked if the order had been placed because I did not receive any sort of notification that it had been. She informed me that the order had been placed, but that she was currently out of the country, and would return around 7-30, and would provide me with updates.

      I did not hear from her again until 8-18, when I messaged her to ask about the status of the order. She then informed me that she was attempting to merge the shipping of the order with a Puki split that she was running. I was not advised of her intention to this end until that message.

      On 9-10 I messaged her again to inquire about the status, and was told that the order was expected to arrive within the next week, and that it would be shipped immediately to me when it arrived.

      On 9-24 Ayase messaged me that the package had arrived, and that she would figure out shipping costs and get back to me. I replied to her message stating that I had already paid shipping, and could send her any of our previous messages as proof. I have not heard back from her since then.

      I am not sure what to do at this point, as her private message inbox is currently full, and I can't seem to get a hold of her, nor do I have the items I purchased. I have all of our private messages saved as a timeline of events if they are needed.
    4. I'm having a problem as well.

      I was involved in a Fairyland group order...I got a Transformation Set and a Lucky Punch totaling $35 and I was contacted when the order got to the US...Ayase verified my address.

      This was about a month ago. I still have not received my items.

      I tried to send a PM, but Ayase's mailbox was full.

      (I'm quite unhappy about this)
    5. For those who tried to get a hold of me but couldn't because my inbox was full, you can contact me through the email form in my profile. I'm getting to replying to everyone's PM's right now and I've cleared up my inbox so PM's can get through now. I'm terribly sorry but life's just been crazy for me lately and I'm doing my best to catch up on things.

      sweetchan: I have sent out your package weeks ago. About when your package arrives, it's really out of my control. I don't know what's going on but I wish you would have tried to contact me through PM or email first before filing a dispute through Paypal. I will PM you.

      eosthilas: I've contacted you recently regarding the shipping charges for the MNF body and I had forgotten that you've already paid for the shipping charges until you told me and I looked back at the payment records. The body will be sent out to you within this week when I make a trip to the post office to mail out packages from the Fairyland split.

      ReineDeLaSeine14: I've sent out invoices to almost everyone but I left out a few people because I over looked my list and thought I've sent it one out to you. I apologize for my mistake but I will send you the invoice.
    6. Thank you. I will let you know when the body arrives to me.
    7. I remember contacting you twice via PM , 1st asking you of status of item , and second 3 weeks after first pm telling you that its been a month and still nothing. That was when a paging thread + pp dispute were open. I have gotten your current pm , and have replied. Will wait for your reply also. Thanks
    8. Mhmm and I got your PM that you sent me my items...I'll give it a couple of weeks since you are on the other side of the country and I don't remember what shipping method you used.
    9. sweetchan: I've replied to your PM and hope we can work something out!

      I have sent out everyone's packages either yesterday or today for the Fairyland split.
    10. I received my items in the mail yesterday, and I sent Ayase a payment for the difference between her estimated shipping cost and the actual shipping cost. Our transaction is now resolved.
    11. Item was never received, However seller has given me a partial refund of $22.50USD. Our transaction is now resolved
    12. Thanks for updating! ReineDeLaSeine14 ~ have you had resolution yet?
    13. Yep my items were received today...transaction resolved.