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Paging Baby The Stars - RESOLVED

Jul 1, 2008

    1. If anyone has contact with Baby The Stars, please let her know I'm still waiting on the EMS number that she promised me. Otherwise, please refund my money. Either one is fine.

      If anyone has transacted with her and knows her actual paypal account, please pm me as well. One of the accounts I paid to was closed down, the other seems to belong to someone else. I would like to file a paypal dispute but want to be sure it's the right address.

      The story so far:

      Bought a BTSSB set from Baby, paid for it on 24th May. She said it was sent on 28th, but the tracking number (which I got after I threatened paypal action) doesn't work -- EB785926545US.

      She then promised to send me another set by EMS since she can claim insurance on the lost package. Her last pm was June 24th.

      Since then -- nada. No EMS number, no package turning up on my doorstep either. In the week since then I've sent two pms to remind her, with no response.

      I do feel bad doing this but I'm really tired of this, this transaction has dragged on for over a month now and is the single most aggravating transaction I've ever been in.
    2. Bump for jinlin.

      My story is: =_=
      Baby The Stars bought a Volks Bianka from me on layaway. She sent payment through other people, one of them was jinlin.
      I have two paypal accounts. As jinlin has disputed one of my account now, I went check my paypal accounts and do believe Baby The Stars asked her to send all the payment of the BTSSB jinlin bought to my accounts. So I am really frustrated now as I believe I am not responsible for this transaction. And I do not have anything to give Paypal to prove for the transaction as I actually did not involved at all. But Paypal is going to charge me US$1xx and refund to jinlin. =____________=

      PLEASE! Who EVER knows Baby the Star in any way or her actual paypal, please HELP! QAQ
    3. Baby The Stars was on the forum this morning. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with information and resolution. Good luck!
    4. Problem solved last night (at least Jinlin finally got a new and real tracking number ^^; )
    5. Updating to say there is a working EMS number now.
      I hope the transaction can finally be completed.

      Thank you.
    6. Updating to say the item has arrived, everything is ok now.

      Thank you all very much.