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Paging badluck tenshi - RESOLVED

Nov 6, 2009

    1. I bought Soom Amber's hooves+waist+tail from Badluck Tenshi and last heard from her the 25 Oct saying:

      I have the parts in hand and they're perfect. I've actually had them for a few days but I was laid out by the flu bug going around. bleh.
      Anyways, if you'd be so kinda as to confirm your shipping address I should have those out by tomorrow. ^_^ Thank you for your patience as we waited on Soom. lol

      I did answer the PM the same day with my address but after that never heard from Badluck Tenshi again. I tried to contact her by PMs and email to ask if she shipped out the parts, but with no luck. >__>
      Her DoA profile says she has been online yesterday so I was really expecting to get some updates.
      I'm sorry if I'm being too impatient about this, but it's been almost two weeks since I heard from this person. I just want some kind of update please.
    2. badluck tenshi was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Badluck Tenshi wrote to me apologizing for the bad communication.
      She still has health issues so she was unable to send my parts out but she promised she will send them to me on Monday and let me know the tracking number.

      I will hopefully update the thread on Monday with good news :)
    4. badluck tenshi sent me a PM saying that the parts are on their way, however she didn't get the tracking number for some weird reason. Hopefully they will get to me soon.
    5. I have pm'd Andreja again to let her know I was misinformed. She should be able to track her package via her Customs form number. ^_^
    6. I just received the Fauna hooves+waist+tail parts.
      Unfortunately the parts were all in one bag with no protection between each other which was probably the cause of the following damage:

    7. I sent the package in the same packaging it came to me in and I insured it. I've pm'd Andreja asking what steps she'd like me to take about this and now am just waiting to hear back as the only communication I got about this was a picture.
    8. I have received a response from Andreja that she doesn't expect anything more from me. Is there anything else the mods need from me for this transaction to be considered closed?
    9. Andreja needs to post into this thread stating how resolution was met. Thanks!
    10. Badluck tenshi said she could go to the post office and fill a claim since the pieces were insured.
      However it is highly unlikely they would accept the complaint because the reason for the damage was the lack of protective material between the pieces and not of the postal service.
      I would recommend her to use bubble wrap next time, no matter how she received the pieces from the start. I think I was very very lucky I got only a little part broken because the package traveled to the other side of the world and we probably all know it is not the smoothest trip.

      So this is it, I got my pieces after all so the problem has been resolved and this thread can be closed.