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Apr 16, 2010

    1. I realize there was another paging thread, but it has been locked and I did not participate in it (and I really should have =/ especially now as she has been MP banned)

      I joined a split with Badluck Tenshi for a Human Chrom head nearly a year ago. Because he was purchased on layaway, I did not receive a PM saying he had arrived until March 25th (of this year), to which I promptly responded with my address the next day.

      On April 8th, I sent another PM, asking if he had been shipped yet, as I had gotten no confirmation that she even read my address PM.

      I also noticed her paging thread, which concerned me.

      I sent another PM on the 13th of April, asking her to ship my head and respond to my previous PMs, to no avail.

      Badluck Tenshi, I would very much like for you to ship my head, which I have paid for in full. If you do not plan on sending him, please refund me my $145. Thank you.
    2. badluck_tenshi was last on the forum 14APR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated!
    3. Still no communication from her. I have sent her an email with an address provided to me from another user, hopefully she will respond to it. =/
    4. Still nothing. I am unsure what to do at this point. She also hasn't seemed to be on the forums at all.
    5. Hello!
      I dont know if im allowed to join this thread or if i have to do one on my own.
      I bought a pair of dollheart shoes from badluck Tenshi, and the last pm i got from her was that she had recieved my payment, and that she should ship the shoes out asap.
      But that was months ago.
      I am still qurious about her whereabouts, id like to have the shoes or a refund.
    6. I suppose I should add myself here. I am part of her Bygg split. My last communication with her is the beginning of April, but since then she has not replied to PMs or to emails to even update the status of the layaway.
    7. After 2 months of silence, it looks like she signed on earlier this month, and again yesterday without replying - or even reading - the PMs from me waiting in her inbox.