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Paging badluck_tenshi - RESOLVED

Apr 6, 2010

    1. Please, please get in touch with me! :\ I've tried everything that I could to get ahold of you and you haven't replied to me at all.


      The situation:

      badluck_tenshi was selling a Firelord Chrom head in the MP for $180 + $8 shipping. I contacted her, asked her if she would be willing to sell just the head and if she would be willing to take a layaway for less than a month. She agreed and I immediately sent the first part of the layaway to her. I got a reply from her on March 27th, confirming that she got my payment. My father sent me some commission money later on that night, so I was able to end the layaway on March 28th, much sooner than I had expected.

      March 27th was the last time that I had heard from her, despite my asking about the status of the payment (and later on shipping) twice through PM, twice through comments on her sales thread, and when I discovered that she had been paged two times before now, I emailed her through the address she gave me, asking for communication since I was now concerned. I have heard nothing from her since then, despite the fact that she has been online several times a day since then, and has also bumped her sales thread after my first comment on it. She's also currently online, from what I can see.

      While I'm grateful that she was willing to sell me the head, the lack of communication is stressful and something that isn't necessary, especially since the first couple of times were just asking for confirmation of payment.

      I would like a tracking number and a copy of the PO's receipt showing that the head is being sent to me within the next two days or I would like a full refund of $188.
    2. badluck_tenshi got back to me around an hour ago and said that she'll be mailing off the head tomorrow. I'll update this thread again when I have the tracking number and it's working, and finally when the head arrives.
    3. I was promised a tracking number today before 2 pm PST. It is currently nearly 5:30 PST and badluck_tenshi has been online since then: she has bumped her sales thread and answered someone's question in the sales thread without PMing me to let me know if she had mailed the head or not.

      What's worrying, however, is that she made her status invisible.

      I have asked for a refund. :|
    4. I'm having problems with communication from Badluck_Tenshi as well. She said back on March 25th, that she'd be sending out some Firelord hands that I had purchased from her split. They were on a short layaway.
      It apparently took a while for Soom to finally ship out the Chrom and she had gotten him the day before I decided to PM her again for the second or third time, wondering when the hands would be shipped out to me.
      I noticed the Chrom was already put up in the marketplace before I had sent the PM, but didn't receive a PM saying that the Chrom had even arrived and if the parts were safe. I decided to throw that aside, thinking that she'd send out the hands soon, now finding out she's being paged by Fuminshouneko.
      And seeing she wasn't getting any reply, by the posts on Badluck_Tenshi's FS Thread, I decided to PM her once more, today. The last time I PMed her was April 1st and I haven't heard anything.
    5. badluck_tenshi was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    6. I shipped both of these packages today and sent fuminshouneko her tracking number. I'm sorry I didn't make it home in time to pm her by 2pm but I did pm her today and have yet to receive a response. I don't have a tracking number for YukiOokami but I have my postal reciept if a photo is required.
    7. I just received a reply from Badluck_Tenshi and she informed me that she was at the post office today and she sent the hands out via priority mail. I'll be waiting anxiously for them and will keep my case updated. :) Thank you, Zagzagael.
    8. I also did get a PM from badluck_tenshi with the Delivery Confirmation number, but I haven't been able to reply since I have been in my night class. The package was sent out First Class, so I'm not quite sure when I'll be getting the head, but I'll be sure to comment here and PM badluck_tenshi when he arrives.
    9. The hands arrived today safe and sound. :) I've informed badluck_tenshi and I'd consider my case resolved. ^_^
    10. My case is resolved, as well. The head arrived today very well packaged, and I've been sure to let badluck_tenshi know. ^^