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Paging BeBop845 - RESOLVED

Oct 17, 2008

    1. I was going to wait until she appear online 'again' to try and email her one more time...but i got a stressful week, and waiting on her isn't doing me any good.

      I send my DIM Archenar head way back In june for a free face up. I never did get any reply on her getting my head or not until i ask her in her thread.


      she was silence for months, and never inform me of her thread being temporarity close until i spent days hunting it down for check up :o

      After that, it always me who have to email and ask or else i don't get any informations on him.

      Which i find odd, since i was on top of the list for getting my head work on, a face up shouldn't take that long...should it? I mean i could less if i have to wait a year, as long as she drop me a line about it, which she never did!

      After a few months, i decide, i just want him back, i send three or four email already, and i have all be ignore. I did check, and she was always on a few days after i sent my email. But my PM was never answer at all, not one :doh.

      I just want my head back....nothing more :(
    2. Mephistol ~ BeBop845 was last on the forum 6OCT. She is now Being Paged, please keep this thread updated with any resolution. Thank you.
    3. I'm sorry :( my computer has been down for a while. I had to have Verse send him back to you, faceupless, because I've been having some personal issues, and also I don't drive, so I had no way to get to the post office. I feel horrible about this... I didn't mean for any of it to happen.
    4. Thank you kindly, I'll let you know ASAP when he arrive, and I'm sorry to have to do this to, but the stress was getting to me :sweat
    5. it been about two week, and given that we are both in the US, the head should have long arrive -.-
    6. well, it been more then two week for sure. my head went to her back in june, and now it mid november, without any news, all Pm ignore, and she was online the 16, have enough time to make a WTB thread but not drop me a line about the head...I'm not sure if i'm....being overreacting here...but something fishy, and all i want is my head and wig i sent to her back!
    7. I haven't had the head, Verse has, I was told she sent it back over a month ago, and as it turns out, she hadn't, and it doesn't seem right that I am the only one getting in trouble, when I haven't had the head.

      Maybe I'm wrong, but it was stated clearly on the face-up thread that Verse was in charge of all shipping.

      And when we sent it out, it came back because you had given us the wrong address.

      Verse claims she has contected you and the head has been sent. My internet has been fixed now, so please let me know when it arrives.
    8. i have state in my sign not long ago, that i was moving, either you nor verse even attempt to contact me before taking any action about the head being ship out, and again i even try contacting you, and all my PM are ignore, i do hope to understand why 'I' must always be the one taking action, when clearly it would have be more easy if you would have taken the Reasonability and do it right in the first place.

      Also in this whole dealing i was telling with you (bebop) more then verse. It always been you who i contact and you who reply email, verse never did anything, or have i contact her, until i was force to -.-

      I have place a lot of trust in you, as a artist, and as a someone i barely knew...and let me tell you, i have never been so let down. The head is still not here, i did tell verse the new address,and will also to, leave her a feedback if i everget the head home. She at least put more effect into this whole deal, despite coming in a the near end.
    9. bebop845 ~ Would you please explain Verse's role in this Unresolved Transaction?
    10. Verse and I started a joint face-up thread, and started doing a few free ones just to build up a portfolio. (We've decided it's too hard and have since closed.) It was stated clearly on the thread that she would be in charge of any and all shipping, because I don't drive and would have no way of shipping them myself.

      shortly after Mephistol wanted the head back, I passed the head on to Verse, and sent Mephistol a message stating that the head was with Verse, and it was to my knowledge that she would be sending it out that week.

      The head sat at Verse's house for a few months unforgotten, and my internet was broken so for a while I had no idea that it hadn't been sent.

      Then when Verse finally sent the head, it came back to her, because we were given the wrong address. She contacted Mephistol and got the right address. I know now that the head has been sent back, and she should receive it soon, if she hasn't already.
    11. Okay, listen, yes this is my fault. The head was given to me, set in a box, and forgotten about - and because no one, neither Bebop or Mephistol, reminded me of it, it was several months before I realized it had still not been sent off. It IS on it's way back now - I have the reciept and insurance stub to prove it. This will be the only time such a thing happens, as I do not and will not trust myself with anyone else's merchandise again.
    12. i want to point out, i check my email everyday and i did not get a email from bebop at all about the head being at verse, nor have verse contact me about it. unless i overlook my email,but i check it everyday -.-

      I waited (since i was trusting bebop) until september without any of my PM reply before i start pageing her, I got the boy today....he look alright, althrough the inside of his neck is are strech up (which i don't remember doing) but it alright,i got the boy back. and it all that matter, this little problem can be resolve now, i'm happy with having the boy back, but NOT at all please as to how the matter was handle -.-.
    13. forgot to add that the first time i know my boy was at verse was in this thread, not an email. Over and all. Thank you mod for keeping up with me. Thank you verse for actually contacting me about the matter...Good day to you and hope the new year would be better and without this slight stress