Paging bebop845 - RESOLVED

Feb 3, 2010

    1. I bought a KDF Cherry head for $58 including shipping from Bebop845 on 12-12-2009.

      There have been many problems throughout this transaction with her sending the head, and she finally told me that the head had been sent on 01-14-2010. But since then it hasnt arrived. and im very worried that it either hasnt been sent like she said it has or that shes sent it to the wrong address or something.

      Ive tried PMing her once more asking her weather its been sent or weather she sent it to the wrong address on 01-31-2010 but since then No reply. and i know she must have been online as ive checked her profile and it said the last time she was seen online was the 02-01-2010.

      I Really need to know weather the head has been sent or not as ive been waiting over 2 months now and i find it rather unfair that i still havent recived the head. please if you can get in contact with me and tell me what is going on that would be very much appriciated!
    2. bebop845 was last on the forum 30JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. No response as of yet...
    4. Bebop has been in the process of moving since February 1st, and to the best of my knowledge has not been online since at least January 29, which she did from my computer (had to log out when I visited a few days later). I have informed her of this thread.
    5. I for sure sent her out, around the holidays, so she may have been lost.

      Verse took me to the post office to send her, she knows I did.

      I also sent 2 packages that day, and the other one took exceptionally long to reach, (as in I paid for 2-3 day shipping and it took closer to 9 days to reach.)

      If you have not received her in a week, I will pay you back. But if you ever receive her, I want my money back in return.
    6. Thanks for replying, And i shall inform you weather she arrives by next weekn Wednesday.

      did you send her out by normal post? or did you get any sort of Tracking bumber, or Recipt that i can use to contact the post office?
    7. unfortunately I didnt, the people at that post office are usually very rude so I try to be as fast as possible. I got a receipt but I just moved so by now it is lost. Let me know, though for sure.

      and yes I sent her normal post, which can take up to 4 weeks sometimes, plus with sending her around the holidays maybe longer? who knows what the post office is doing -.-'
    8. Package came in Yesterday, whilst i wasnt it, so i picked it up from the post office today. So i have the head now.