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Paging Becca <3

Apr 9, 2007

    1. It hasn't been to long, but I have noticed she hasn't been on since the 3rd. I am a little worried about her! She has chosen to not let her email be public, and I respect that. :) I am not asking for an email or another way to contact her but... does anyone know her in Real Life? If so please see if she is alright. ^^ I have two transactions with her and I'd like to know how they are coming along... but first and formost I want to make sure she is doign well. :) She is usually on very often and this sudden stop is unusual!

      Thanks to everyone in advance. :D
    2. Becca has contacted me. ^^ She is officially okay :D!
    3. I am not too concerned over my commission - the doll it is for won't be here until May at any rate - but a public update would be nice. :sweat
    4. I've been trying to get an update about my commission too, so it's good to know she's okay. :)

      Let's hope she stops in to say hi soon. :lol:
    5. well, she had PMed me on the 10th (I believe) and said that things that needed ot be sent out were goingout that week. o.o I have yet to recieve anything, and Becca hasn't been on since the 12th. ;.;

      Has anyone else recieved anything?
    6. I'm still waiting as well. I want my shirt sooo bad! Hope she's okay.
    7. Has anyone been able to get in touch with Becca?

      She hasn't responded to my PM and she doesn't have the email capability enabled.

      I'm hoping she's just caught up in the end of the semester upheaval (which I am too) and not that something bigger has happened.
    8. I hope everything is O.K. with her. She said she was mailing my commission 3 weeks ago (I've been waiting over 2 months) and I still haven't received it. Worried.
    9. Hmm, that is worrying. :( Hopefully it is something as simple as stressful school work.
    10. I hope everything's ok too! She had done a commission for me as a trade which she said was sent out months ago but it's never arrived. Since it seems to be lost in transit I pmed her a week or so ago about commissioning her to remake the items since I really looked forward to them. I haven't heard anything back from her...
    11. Becca, where are you? still waiting on the "Johnny Cash Shirt"...... *deep sigh* please send it out.
    12. Still nothing from Becca. ;.;
    13. I am thinking of opening a dispute... Becca has a lot of great feedback, but it worries me that she hasn't been on since the 12th after a stint of absense before that as well. :( I spent a lot of money and I'd really like my stuff... and I don't think she sent our things out when she said she did (though, I could be mistaken... but even basic shipping should have arrived by now, considering we are both in the States?)

      ... I will most likely open a dispute by tonight or tomorrow unless she contacts somebody. ;.; Perhaps paypal will send her an email, and perhaps she is checkign that? Oh Becca, where are you? ;____;
    14. It is disappointing, but on the other hand maybe a dispute will get her attention? But yes, if she did send something out around the time she said, it should have arrived at your home by now. :(
    15. I had two shirts she mailed a while back, but after two weeks they still hadn't arrived. She did however remake them and they got here ok! Maybe she's having tests at school now? (I don't know if she's a college student, but most around here are having exams.)
    16. Yeah, that's what I'm hoping is the problem-- that she's just busy with school. It is finals time.

      I ordered a leather jacket from her a while ago, mid-February, but it was with the mutual understanding that it would take her a while. The leather had to be ordered and I knew it would take a while to get to her and that it was a big project so I haven't pressured her about it at all. But not hearing from her at all is really beginning to make me nervous.

      I PM'd her again yesterday. Has anyone else tried to PM her recently?
    17. Well, she hasn't even been on since the 12th... so I think I am gunna go ahead and file my claims. >< Maybe she's checkign her email? *sigh* ;.;
    18. opened a dispute. Only one went through, the other I have apaprently waited to long on *SIGH* ><!! I will keep everyone updated as to if she contacts me back D:
    19. Please do.. I really hope she gets in contact with you guys and you get your things. I'm really hoping she did actually send out my items when she said she did as well. I'm starting to wonder though since your items haven't arrived either. I hope it's just her being busy and nothing to worry about, although I don't think I'll ever see the shirt and hoody I really wanted. :(
    20. I do hope she is ok...but I have been waiting since October for a pair of pants and family problems came up and that was fine and then her accident, and she said she shipped them out and they never showed so she said she would make another pair for me and send them out. I also had ordered another sweatshirt during one of her sells. I just wanna check up on that.